February 18th, 2014

sister marilyn

Poor Marilyn! Sick Last Night and Today...

I can't believe I didn't even MENTION that Marilyn wasn't feeling well yesterday. Actually, she was sort of 'under the weather' for several days -- but she never says anything to anyone or lets it show (of course). She's a great one for keeping her ill health to herself...

But she got sick enough that she couldn't conceal it in the evening (TMI -- and she might not want me to share, so I'll leave it at that). Plus she was running quite a temperature. And her pallor was so white! I was really worried about her last night. By this morning it was clear she wouldn't be able to go to work today...

So I didn't go in, either (probably needless to say). Which means I was unable to train Sam today, as planned.

Marilyn was looking forward to good news she was to bring to the early meeting today -- so she was very disappointed about that. But what can you do? When you're sick, you're sick. That's all there is to it.

We were awake a lot last night (even though we'd gone to bed early for us). So we slept quite a bit today (yes, me, too). I made eggs for brunch. And we had kale as part of our dinner. We've gotten very fond of kale -- it might even be our fave veggie now!

I did some laundry today. But the main thing I got done was moving things around to prepare for the delivery of our new fridge tomorrow. We got an automated call that told us it would happen between 7:30 and 11:30 -- and that this time could NOT be changed. Seriously??? 7:30 in the morning??? Are they NUTS?

I'm sorry Hector and Jessie aren't going to get the old fridge, but they never phoned -- even after I tried to get Hector out here last week. I thought of calling him today, but I wouldn't have wanted Marilyn to deal with that, anyway, when she was sick.

I took down the railing all alone -- which is not easy to do! It's going to be a lot more difficult to get it back up again. (sigh) We've had nothing but issues with it since we first moved in. The people who lived here before us RIPPED IT OUT OF THE WALL to get there washing machine and dryer out. It does have to come down when moving anything large up or down the stairs. But it's in concrete/drywall there, and now it's so difficult to keep it hanging properly. Several people (including me) have tried to work on it, but it's just a mess. Even our contractors couldn't do much to improve it, I'm afraid. It doesn't just fall off the wall (the way it used to), but it's not as secure as we could wish...

Marilyn still feels lousy, so I'm pretty sure she'll be home again tomorrow, too. She doesn't really want to be here during the delivery (I get that), but she can always go in her bedroom and shut the door. Or go in the living room, considering they won't be in the house upstairs at all. The cats will have to be shut in my bedroom, which they'll hate (they always do). But that's how it goes!

Hopefully it won't take all that long!!! And hopefully it won't be messy or too difficult. These guys do deliveries all the time, so I'm sure they're expert at it, after all.

Well, I need to go check on Marilyn and get her some more tea. That's all for today.