February 16th, 2014


Local Wind Storm? Scary.

Marilyn and I just got back from an 'emergency' run to Freddies. We needed cat food and simply couldn't wait any longer to get it. They only had one lousy bag (!!!) -- and a small one. I don't know what gives with that. Clearly it's a popular food and is often sold out or close to sold out. Why in HELL don't they buy more and stock it??? I just don't get that at all.

We prefer to get it at Walmart, where they stock more and have the larger bags. But with this storm raging outside, we were in NO MOOD to try and head all the way to Walmart (it's quite a long drive). In fact, we didn't much like the trip over to Freddies! The first thing we saw when we left the garage and headed up the street were tons of branches lying all over the street! In fact, we avoided driving near the park (where we normally go), because of the chance of more branches crashing down.

The wind began to pick up when we were heading home from getting our nails done around 7:00 p.m. We went over there just before 5:00 to get manicures (fills) and pedicures (which we haven't had done in AGES). Glad to have that task done!

We might have gone shopping (to Walmart) earlier, but we needed to see "The Talking Dead" and "The Walking Dead." (Very much for our Instagram account...)

I won't spoil, except to say that as everyone expected, they DID NOT go back to where they left off last week -- so we don't know any more about Rick, Carl and Michonne (which, again, is no surprise).

Wow, it's nice to get our nails done -- they were getting way too long (which means they were getting in the way for doing things). It's interesting: I've just learned ways to work around my nails when they're really grown out. So they don't inconvenience me all that much. Years back I figured out a way to take my contacts out that keeps my fingernails completely out of the way, regardless of length. It works so well I do it even when my nails are short! I should make a YouTube video showing how to do it, for others that deal with the issue.

I remember years ago that there were lots of women who would tear their contacts because of their long nails. (I used to be friends with a woman who worked at an eye clinic and visited with her frequently.) I've only torn ONE contact, ever, in all the many years I've been wearing them. I think it actually happened because the lens got too dry, rather than because of my fingernails.

I was 33 when I started to wear contacts for the first time. I don't think I recall the month, strangely enough -- you'd think it would be imprinted on my mind! I do remember when I got them. Mom had taken me in. On the way home I was just in heaven, looking around at everything with such delight and joy! Colors were so bright and everything was so sharp (compared to my glasses). And I saw so much BETTER than I had since I'd started wearing glasses way back in grade school. I really do love my contacts, even though I don't see as well with them as I used to (now that I have mono-vision). Contacts used to be a TON more work than they are now! You had to use something to 'scrub' (wash) them each night. Then something else to rinse them. And something else to 'cook' them inside an electrical unit that heated them. After that they had this soaking fluid you put them in every single night (after washing and rinsing them, off course). They needed a certain number of hours in it before you could put them BACK into your eyes -- and if you screwed up it was quite painful!

Now they're made of much thinner material and are much more comfortable. I'll often wear them several days without taking them out -- though my doctor prefers I remove them every night. When I'm being very good I never miss taking them out and putting them back in each morning. And I've always been good about NOT wearing them when I'm the least bit sick (you can spread germs to your eyes if you're not careful). I've never had bad habits (putting them in and out in unclean ways, etc.), like so many people. And I'm rarely lazy where they're concerned...

Damn this wind! I can hardly concentrate on anything else, as it blows hard outside our dear house. Thankfully it's started to rain, which should mean it's not as bad now. I'm ready not to be having high winds, I can tell you that. We've been dealing with them on and off since the snow and freezing rain finally went away...

Anyway, I'm glad we dashed out SAFELY and got cat food and a couple of other things. We'll be fine now.

Forgot to mention that we went for dry shampoo right before going to get our nails done (Marilyn was out). She uses it to keep her hair clean in between shampooing. Modern dry shampoo works quite well -- not like the products they used to have years ago...

We also went over to Home Depot and ordered our new fridge! It's going to be delivered on Wednesday. The only problem? I forgot until we were headed home that I'm WORKING AT THE OFFICE on Wednesday! I have two new people to train this week: Sam (a female) on Tuesday morning, and Aiman (a male) on Wednesday in the afternoon. Marilyn figures we can just train Aiman next week, if necessary, considering it's pretty important to take care of the fridge right away. But I just checked: He's there on Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00, so maybe I can train him a day late...

I don't like having to train people two days in a row, but that's how it goes. It beats having to train two people on the SAME day -- as I've had to do many times. Marilyn understands why this is so difficult, but I think she's the only one who gets it. (sigh)

Sister Sue just phoned about the wind. It's keeping her awake, little wonder! I imagine it might even be blowing harder there, considering she's right next to the river (!!!).

Well, there's more I could share, but I'm ready to go downstairs and snuggle up. More tomorrow...