February 15th, 2014

conrad relax, relax conrad

Saturday? Relax!

What was the GOAL for today? Relax!

Marilyn and I both needed it, believe me. It was a tough week -- and it's wonderful to have a day to do NOTHING at all...

We slept in (especially me!). And watched TV. And goofed off. And played our HOG (hidden object game) iPad game that we like to play together. And I read from "World War Z."

We also got a movie On Demand: "Ender's Game," an American 2013 science fiction film based on the novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card. Directed and written by Gavin Hood, the film stars Asa Butterfield as Ender and has a good cast that also includes Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, Abigail Breslin, and Ben Kingsley. Marilyn and I LOVED it!!! I'd really recommend it for anyone, even those who don't enjoy sci fi, films featuring children or action/adventure flicks. Trust me, it's a good script with good acting -- and a good story!

I also downloaded the book for Kindle from Amazon. Sounds to me like Card is an incredible writer -- he's won numerous awards.

I guess it's still available on the big screen, too (I found it in second run when I googled it).

Yummy leftovers today. Worked for both of us! Plus I made popcorn for the movie, which was a treat.

We'll REALLY need to go shopping tomorrow, as we're close to OUT of cat food. I'm a little worried about it, actually...

I never got my Valentine goodies to June and Jim (boo!). I hope they don't mind getting them late... Which reminds me that I had goodies for Buddy, too -- and forgot to give them to sister Sue!

We hope to see Sue this weekend. And we talked about maybe going to dinner with June and Jim. We're just so tired all the time! We didn't even really get dressed today (not in clothes to wear outside, anyway). I did put on jeans so I could go outside to check on some noises at one point, though. It was very stormy today -- the wind was really kicking up. And it was gray, rainy and COLD, too...

I barely ran a brush through my hair. We were really NOT into doing much of anything today -- certainly nothing really productive.

Marilyn did do something for WORK at one point (!!!), but not much (I think). We need some time to just BE...

But we still do want to celebrate our friend Jim's 86th birthday (with him and friend June, his wife). And we're supposed to finally give sister Sue her tablet that we bought her ages ago...

Anyway, that's it for today. I think we'll go to bed soon.