February 14th, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Marilyn and I started our day early -- and managed to get to work by 7:20 a.m. Not bad! (She had a meeting at 7:30 and needed to let folks in for it...)

Rich was there, so he and I went to Starbucks to get coffee. He's still suffering -- coughing and having trouble catching his breath, poor guy... I hope he gets some REST over the three-day weekend!

Took in the Valentine bags I did for everyone -- happily had enough. The 'hit' item? These little metal packages. You don't open them: You hit them hard with your fist! Then they 'pop' open and the mini-balloon inside self-inflates. Very, very cool, I'm telling you! Some kind of chemical reaction thing. Smacking them must set it off. They're cold to the touch and you can hear sizzling inside. Everybody just loved them so much! (And I did see a bunch of people using their new pencils, too...)

I took the time to write out Valentines from both Marilyn and me (Batman from her and Peanuts from me). These were also popular, with people displaying them in their spaces. So cute!

Donn came in at 10:00 and got right in working on PRFA76 for Tanya (with her brand new Profile). So she should get her 'new' machine next week! It has a faster processor than she's ever had, plus it's now at 2 gigs of RAM (she only had 1 before). It should seem like quite an improvement for her!

He also replaced the monitor at one of the intern stations (Erin's?) that was 'missing.' I noticed it when putting the cards on desks. I think we 'stole' it for another space when a monitor went belly up. We've been having a LOT of equipment go out. Little wonder, considering that many of these machines are still the old Compaqs that we 'rebuilt' back in 2007 (and they were old and used when we got them!). I mean, it's seven years later!!! And almost all of our monitors are used, so...

Donn and I still need to get MICE and KEYBOARDS -- though Donn brought in both (from home, used), just to be safe...

I don't know WHAT I'd do without Donn! I really don't. He's what keeps me sane about all the tons of IT that we have to do...

Texted with Kris today -- and even talked on the phone at one point. (There's no sign he'll be in before next week some time to do the new WiFi setup... And I have NO CLUE when he'll update our Server RAM.)

Spoke with John over at FISH about the website. Gave him the current FTP info -- and he gave ME the NEW info. Then we chatted eNewsletter and some other stuff... But I could NOT get in to the new site via FTP. My old software isn't 'secure' enough. So I got a different one, but it STILL WOULDN'T WORK. (sigh) I hope we can figure that out soon...

I'm using an Open Source software -- because the paid version of my old one cost more than a thousand dollars (!!!). Are you KIDDING ME??? Just for an FTP? I've always used a free one, so I about died. There's got to be stuff for under $100, surely. In my history with the festival, I've never bought a software for my own use that exceeded $60. Yeah, we've bought Quickbooks for Finance and the Rhino CAD for others (and so on). But I've only gotten a couple of things, and they were pretty damn cheap!!!

I'll have to research it. And be sure that what I have is a problem, for whatever reason. I mean, maybe I don't have the right FTPing info. Not saying John gave it to me wrong, but stranger things have happened, after all! (grin)

Rich and I went with Marilyn to Beaverton (leaving at around 1:00) for her Radio Disney interview. It was quite long (originally she'd said it would be 20 minutes, but it was far longer than that). The young woman who interviewed her was so sweet and attractive. She's involved in the Miss America program and is currently Miss Mount Hood (from Oregon). Just darling. Marilyn wants her to be a judge for Court and the IYSFF! Anyway, it went well -- and the questions were easy ones, happily.

Then Marilyn brought me home -- hoping I could connect with Hector about getting the old fridge. It didn't happen, but I was okay with that. After trying to reach him and messing around a bit, I just ended up taking a (much needed!) nap.

When Marilyn got home from work, I fixed pasta, spaghetti sauce (it was very good!), meatballs and garlic toast for dinner. She skipped the pasta and toast and stuck with one of her low carb wraps and the sauce -- plus the meatballs. I had the full thing, and it was all quite good! I just finished up putting away all the food and cleaning up the kitchen before coming to blog. (We were pretty hungry, not having any lunch today.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you get used to having two fridges, it's VERY HARD to go back to only one! We've been in this house 20 years -- and the entire time we've had two. And we also have two at the beach house. That means we generally use one for beverages (water, pop, beer and so on), the extra freezer (for more frozen stuff) PLUS for 'overflow' food -- a place to put things when the main fridge in the kitchen is too full... Can't wait to get another one in the house again!

We're NOT going to the beach house (as originally planned) this weekend. Instead we're staying home to get things done and rest. Maybe we'll go buy a new fridge. And hopefully we'll go get our manicures and pedicures done! And other stuff (like me working on the website for the Franklin Alumni!). Right now SLEEPING sounds like a GREAT idea. Bed is where I'm heading when I'm done blogging...

I feel like I'm forgetting to share something, but not sure what it is. Oh well.

Oh!!! My blood count this morning was 124! It's been around 160 or higher for AGES now, so that really made me happy. Then I was 'shaky' this afternoon when I got home, so I did it and it was 119. Normally that wouldn't bother me (it's not that low, really), but Marilyn and I figure it's because I've been so high the last couple of months. I meant to phone about getting in to see my nurse practitioner next week, but didn't get to that. I want to talk about maybe upping my meds. Anyway, this is boring, so I'll quit.

Hope you all had a GREAT day! (hugs)