February 10th, 2014

sister sue

Sister Sue is Home. Weather Update. The Annual Westminster Dog Show.

Sister Sue was released from the hospital today and is VERY HAPPY to be home again! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers -- we all appreciate it. She got a lot of fluid off and is feeling better. I guess we'll see how it goes with her back at home. Getting a more dry weight is a GREAT start!

(I'm just hopeful she'll take it EASY this week and next -- and that her family will be supportive of her not doing too much for awhile.)

Our weather is starting to moderate, than heaven! We were off work again today -- so there's going to be plenty to get done this (short) week!!! Here's a cool thing: After four busy work days, we've got a three-day weekend in front of us. (smile) And we're planning to head to the beach.

There's still a LOT of snow (and slush) EVERYWHERE -- so I imagine it won't be easy to drive or walk on tomorrow. Hopefully the RAIN and warmer temps will quickly scour out the last of this mess, though.

Total aside: I wonder how Rich is doing? I'd love to have him well and back at work tomorrow...

I've started to read out loud to Marilyn: "World War Z"

As I mentioned before, this is an amazing book. We've read out loud to one another in the past, so I suggested it and Marilyn was all for it. Looking forward to it.

Today was the first day of the 2014 Westminster Dog Show. We've hardly ever missed it, but for whatever we didn't watch it last year. (Well, there WERE reasons. The second night last year was February 12, when we had that power outage at the office!) Anyway, we've been watching it tonight and enjoying it very much!

It was always a HUGE favorite of Mom's, who would keep copious notes about the dogs. (I still have a bunch of those!) And sister Sue loves it, too. Can't wait to watch again tomorrow night.

Donn's coming in to the office tomorrow. We've got a TON of IT work to get done this week!!! I'm glad he can help with it, because I'd hate to be facing it alone.

Don't know what happened with Kris and the NEW WiFi setup. I'll have to contact him tomorrow...

Still need to find out about our GARBAGE, which is sitting on the curb since Thursday when it was put out. Everyone in the neighborhood has there garbage out there, waiting. If they're waiting until FRIDAY, they damn well better pick up the actual garbage! There's no way we can hold out until the following Friday... (Damn garbage system, anyway.)

Delicious leftovers for dinner. We've been eating very well during our siege. Hahaha.

And that's my Monday.