February 8th, 2014


Happy Birthday, Jim!

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Time to send a birthday greeting to our friend, Jim (our next door neighbor), from both Marilyn and me! He doesn't have a LiveJournal account -- but his wife, June, does! And she usually reads my blog entries, so she can share with him. (smile)

Gosh, Jim, I hope you had a WONDERFUL day! 86 today! (woo hoo)

Happy Birthday, Jim !

And I really hope you have an amazing year!

frightful weather

Freezing Rain. Ugh.

Well, UNFORTUNATELY we 'transitioned' from snow to FREEZING RAIN today! And there aren't even WORDS for how much I hate freezing rain! It's so much worse than dealing with snow. I'm not kidding...

Anyway, now we've got piles of snow (quite a bit for Portland, mind you) -- and freezing rain on top of it. The entire area is in SHUT DOWN. I even heard it reported on the national news today. We've all been asked by the City to remain indoors and NOT to drive -- it's really dangerous out there.

You wouldn't think you could get cabin fever after only a couple of days, but I guess it's just the idea that we CAN'T go anywhere that makes us crazy!

Marilyn and I phoned friend Jim earlier today to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. We obviously couldn't do anything to celebrate today, but hope to go out for dinner when all this mess clears up. (Last year's celebration was mentioned HERE -- and includes photos.)

Sister Sue is hanging in, for those curious (she's in the hospital, as I mentioned the day before yesterday). They got more fluid off and she's breathing better. She was able to get up and walk in the halls today. Her family did visit and took her books, so she has stuff to read and is watching the Olympics on TV. She's good to go for now! Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers -- it means a lot to all of us.

I made spaghetti today! We haven't had it in AGES. It doesn't really work anymore for Marilyn. Pasta tends to make her sick. But we have it every now and then. It's delightful 'comfort food' (as long as it doesn't make her too miserable). And I've been craving it, so it was fun to indulge. It was 'like a party' to have 'getty' for a change. (grin) We had rye bread garlic toast with it -- very yummy!

So far the POWER has stayed on -- and I pray it will continue to do so. One of the big fears of freezing rain is that power will be knocked out (which often happens when we get freezing rain). We had to worry about FLOODING in the past with freezing rain (!!!), so that's another concern. But hopefully that won't happen this time...

Originally they were saying we'd transition OUT of the nasty weather on Sunday -- but that's not really clear, now. We've got at least another 24 BAD hours to get through. And we're expecting RAIN every day next week, on top of all this snow and mess. (sigh)

I just keep texting friends to be sure they're okay. So many people to worry about. Actually, sister Sue is in one of the safest places she could be! I imagine they aren't worrying about losing power at the hospital like the rest of us...

Finished the book Sue recommended I read. And I've started three others...

We were watching a movie On Demand, but Marilyn started to fall asleep. So I ran upstairs to blog (I almost forgot!), while she's snoozin'. It's a good movie, so far, "Escape Plan." I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

Henry seems over his trauma from yesterday -- and is sitting in my lap as I type this. Sweet boy! The running water drives the kitties nuts -- me, too! Can't wait until it's warm enough to turn it off.

Oh! Rose and Ian (our neighbors from across the street) brought us Belgium chocolates today -- as a 'thank you'/belated-Christmas gift. (Ian just got back from Belgium.) Isn't that sweet??? We have some really nice neighbors!

I guess that's it for today. Just continuing to watch the Olympics and hang around (what else can we do, after all?). It's a chance to get some rest (and sleep), so that's a good thing! We've been so busy at work already, that this is like a gift. Hope all my friends are doing well! (hugs)