February 7th, 2014

snow, let it snow

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as reported yesterday, Portland Public Schools closed for the day -- which means that our office was also closed. Snow Day! (woo hoo) We already missed one (during December), so I personally feel quite entitled! Hahaha.

Just back from a walking trip up to the corner store (I guess it's three+ blocks -- not too far). The snow is falling pretty heavily out there again and there's almost no cars on the road around here. But there were quite a few walkers -- and I had to wait in a line (as others needed things, too, obviously).

OKAY! I started this entry HOURS ago. Then fixing dinner interrupted me (which is why I went to the store). And then I was chatting with Sue (in the hospital). And finally it was time to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. Marilyn and I certainly wouldn't miss that!

The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (in SOCHI, Russia) was really amazing! I really loved it! I agree with Marilyn: It's a shame we don't have some option to see it without constant commercial interruptions. (sigh)

Sister Sue is doing okay, so far... She does have TV, so she's been able to watch things when they're not working on her. You don't get much rest in the hospital, as everyone knows...

We had an unhappy incident today. The door was open, and Colin went out on the porch -- then right back in again. Henry decided he wanted to check things out, so he dashed out the door and straight out into the snow! I was panicked, so I followed barefoot outside. He was dashing across the yard by the time I finally caught him. We were both wet and cold and upset. I hollered for Marilyn to bring a towel, because I was so wet I didn't want to move. I was standing there holding a dripping Henry. I used the towel and we both tried to dry Henry, but he was shook up and not having any of it. He basically disappeared for ages. I finally found him hiding in a clothes basket in the closet in my bedroom. I suppose he went there because he was both cold and upset -- but he's NEVER gone in the closet before (something that Colin has done for years). It's obviously not a good sign.

This evening he finally went down to the family room to have a bite to eat and to get a drink from his bowl in Marilyn's bedroom. It's a good sign when he eats and drinks, of course. He was in the hall below where the one vent blows hot air from the furnace. I decided to pick him up and hold him closer, the way I sometimes do with both cats. He wanted down and then he was throwing up. I don't know if he just didn't feel well, or if I made him sick holding him there. Poor cat.

Anyway, I cleaned up the mess and held him and petted him. He finally had more to eat (cats often will eat shortly after throwing up, so that's not as strange as it sounds) and another drink. I think he's okay now. But it's clear he was really upset by the snow incident.

Because of his health issues, it's never good for him to get chilled -- or upset. I feel bad for him, because he's always dealing with his health. Oh well... I certainly didn't mean to make things worse when I chased him and brought him back inside. But I was upset, because he gave me such a scare.

As for the weather, it's been snowing on and off today. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I remain nervous about the expected FREEZING RAIN. I hate it and have always hated it. It almost always takes down wires, which means we can end up without power. That's pretty serious during really COLD weather, like right now. We're running water to avoid freezing pipes -- and not turning off the heat at all at night, as we usually do. Losing power could be a serious issue, so I pray we don't have to deal with it.

I haven't found it a problem to walk in. I went out a lot yesterday doing the garbage and recycling. By the way, they DIDN'T PICK UP OUR GARBAGE (or recycling) today!!! I have no clue when they will, but there's NO WAY we can go for another two weeks before they get the garbage that's sitting out there. Now that they only pick up the actual garbage every other week, missing it is a BIG problem. I think I'll phone about it tomorrow. Of course, I doubt they're open on weekends. (sigh) So I'll probably have to phone Monday...

Kris called me during the day because he was working on configuring our new WiFi remotely. He needed the password to the SonicWALL -- which I thought I didn't have. Marilyn was CERTAIN that I had it, which turned out to be TRUE. I guess I'm even better at keeping passwords than I think I am. Hahaha. But I didn't have the username -- nor did I have the security question and answer. So I think Kris was still going to have to reset the password. I asked him to let me know, but he didn't (surprise). I'll contact him tomorrow to find out how it went...

It was nice having Friday off, anyway. I finished the book I'd been reading and did sleep a bit... And Marilyn and I played a game on our iPads (fun).