February 6th, 2014

frightful weather

Sue in the Hospital -- Wintery Weather Hits Our Area

Went in to work with Marilyn this morning -- it was clear and actually sunny. But we need from the forecast that a winter storm was due to hit any time (they had originally predicted it for the middle of last night). Marilyn was in charge (with Jeff away), so she planned to close at 2:00 p.m. to let everyone go home before things got really bad...

Meanwhile, a determination was still being made about Court judging for this Saturday. Rich came in even though he's VERY SICK, to deal with the Press Release. He and I stood by waiting for the word to go: He needed to write the Release and I needed to prepare the news for the website Home page.

After that we planned to go to Starbucks -- but I got tied up in some IT things (surprise), so we left a bit later than expected. But we DID get there. It was AWFUL walking over, with such low temperatures and the high winds! And as we were walking back, the snow hit!

Marilyn had to go to a 10:00 a.m. meeting outside the office. Shortly after she left Portland Public Schools decided to do an Early Release at 1:00 p.m. So we knew our office would now be closing by that point, at least.

Then I get a phone call from sister Sue -- she's headed to the doctor! We were planning to be there for her appointment, which was originally set for 12:30. (We were going to leave the office at noon to meet her, then head home from the appointment.) She wants Marilyn there, of course, but there's not even a way for me to reach her until AFTER her meeting. (sigh) They wanted Sue early because of the weather, which was really smart of them!

At the office, I'm also trying to deal with several computers (which is why I'm at work). My goal had been to have three to four that I could mess with from at home, remotely. But that was a comedy of errors! I'll skip going into it right now, as it pales beside the weather problems and sister Sue.

Soon Sue is calling to tell me that they want to admit her right away to the hospital. She says she's told them she must go home first to get some things. I tell her I'll talk to Marilyn as soon as she gets back. I get the impression Sue wants to go home and drop off her car and pack a bag -- then will need a ride back to the hospital, which would be US.

When Marilyn gets back to the office is already quite slippery outside, so she immediately tells everyone to GO HOME. It's around 11:00 a.m., and she and I just want to go home and figure out whether or not we need to transport Sue to the hospital (Good Sam) to be admitted. The snow is extremely dry and blowing all over. They're already having to shut down highways in the Pacific Northwest for the weather.

We get home and Marilyn calls Sue's house and gets her daughter, Candy. The hospital wouldn't let Sue leave (happily!!!) -- and Marilyn makes it clear to Candy that it's dangerous to drive out there. As it is, Candy needs to go pick up her daughter Nicole from school -- because the assholes who are in charge of school closures didn't have the balls to close schools in the morning, rather than wait. I personally think it's SHAMEFUL -- and that they added to a lot of traffic problems today! There were people stuck in traffic jams for HOURS -- and you could just imagine children around town waiting for parents to come for them...

We talk to Sue and find out her cell phone is dead. And she finally gets admitted to a room. They want to do a treatment that will get the fluid off -- Sue's been having a terrible time breathing this week. (For those who don't know, Sue has a terminal lung illness, Pulmonary Hypertension.) Sue also confirms at some point that Candy did NOT head to the hospital. And that she's told her son Larry and his daughter Mady to stay home, too.

So we're safely home, Sue is safely under good care in the hospital and the rest of the family is doing fine. I put it up at Facebook about Sue, so her friends would know...

The rest of the day was spent relaxing -- I read and napped and read and napped. Then in the evening I finally had to face the garbage and recycling (also know as 'big' or 'real' garbage week -- when we get to put out the actual garbage can). I'd been holding off, because they kept saying we were going to have a 'break' in the snow -- but it never happened. It's still snowing as I type this, actually.

I got most of the garbage and recycling out before "Jeopardy," because Marilyn wanted us to actually watch it. Normally we tape the show, and often watch it back later. But last night it didn't tape at all for some reason! And this has been a special week with past champions -- very enjoyable. We watched "Wheel of Fortune" after that, then I finally did the cat boxes and wrapped things up. I got the garbage and recycling out to the curb, dug out the trays and put out more bird seed, put out food for the coyote and put out plastic tubs with water for all the critters (our normal ones are metal and freeze solid when it's this cold). Of course the water will freeze no matter what, so I'll need to keep putting out more as we go along...

We've been watching TV and staying warm. The water is running all over the house (just to be safe!), and we're keeping it good and warm. There's a chance of freezing rain -- and that's trouble because it can mean power outages! Hopefully that won't happen, as it's been under 20° for hours now -- and the wind chill is much lower (that wind is a real pain, let me tell you).

Good thoughts and prayers for Sue are appreciated. They might keep her as long as a week (!!!) to try and get her where they want her. She says 'no' and I told her she should do what they say. We'll see how it goes...

More snow is expected tomorrow. Hell, it hasn't stopped, so I guess so! Marilyn kept joking with me, telling me that the news (on TV) was reporting that the snow had stopped. Obviously they weren't going by our part of town! This could get worse before it's over -- which is supposed to happen Sunday.

Portland Public Schools FINALLY closed schools for Friday (tomorrow) just before 7:00 p.m. About damn time! They know the current conditions -- and they know the predictions that we ALL know. Shame on them again, for making people WAIT to know. Really?

Anyway, we'll be cozy here at home. We're not going anywhere. And City officials are asking people to STAY HOME unless they need to go out. We have food, so we should be fine.

You know, it's quiet and peaceful outside. There's an eery lack of sound, actually...