February 5th, 2014


Forgot!!! iPhone Update -- Good News!!!

I totally FORGOT to mention one of the really GOOD things that happened today (okay, officially yesterday, as it's past midnight now).

I fixed my problem with iMessage!!! I can now text! (woo hoo)

I was so annoyed by the issue. And googling it -- mainly checking at the Apple site -- was no help at all. In fact, much of what I read suggested this was a serious issue that might mean resetting (!!!) my phone. After all the work I did with the backup and putting music on, the last thing I wanted to even consider was the need to reset!

Plus even taking time to phone Al (the guy from the Verizon store) -- much less go over there -- was just too much to even consider...

Anyway, I borrowed Marilyn's phone and checked her settings. Sure enough! One of the settings was set to two numbers (email and my cell), which was the issue. Once I changed that, I was good to go!

What a huge relief!!!

Anyway, that was a good moment, to say the least.

brr, cold

Tired Tonight. COLD Weather Here!

I'm tired tonight and ready to curl up with a book, read and NAP as soon as I finish this entry...

Worked on the new computer for Carol today. I think (fingers crossed) that it's ready to go, except for the stuff that needs to be set up for her ticketing needs (and is done by others). Carol uses a LOT of software, so it takes a lot of time to work on computers for her. She gets the standard stuff, plus the Auction software and Shoretel (which is on very few computers). And she uses stuff other staff people don't use...

I won't be putting it in place until the week after next. Not sure that's the best plan, but oh well. She's away then, so I agreed to do it that week.

Meanwhile, I'm anxious to get Caitlin's computer done. I'd hoped to start it today, but that didn't happen. Oh well. Maybe Friday.

Kris came in totally unexpectedly just before lunch. He started to set up the new (very fancy) WiFi, which impacted my schedule (of course). And he took me to lunch at Paddy's (meatloaf and amazing oyster chowder), so that was nice. The WiFi isn't configured, yet. And it needs to be mounted on the wall, both downstairs and up. Can't wait until it's done!

Marilyn had a very busy day. She was really beat by 5:30, so guess who left work early? Well, still past 5:00, but early for us! Even stopping at Freddies on the way home, we were to the house by 6:30, and had dinner by 7:00. Nice!

So, it's crazy-cold here. I was out in it several times today -- and I need to bundle and watch that bad knee of mine. I was in a big hurry this morning, so I forgot to wear my tights under my jeans. I'll be careful for the next few days. It's VERY cold upstairs where my space is, due to the huge cooling unit in the IT Room. That room isn't totally shut off from the rest of the upstairs -- and my workspace is right next to the IT Room. I tried to stay bundled up, but it was pretty cold all day long...

Good news! Marilyn and I were originally supposed to work BOTH Saturday and Sunday. But the weather cancelled Saturday. And Ginny (from Franklin) is sick, I'm sorry to report. So Sunday is off, too. So let it snow (or whatever), because we can stay home both days! So glad!!!

Speaking of being sick, poor Rich is really sick! He came in for Marilyn's speaking engagement today (he does her AV). She sent him home after that.

Went to Starbucks twice today!

That's it for today...