February 1st, 2014


New iPhone - Update!

Okay! Are you sick of hearing about my new iPhone, yet??? Hahaha.

Last night I spent AGES getting the old phone backed up and the new one 'restored' (which seems a weird term for a brand new cell phone). I put a HUGE pile of music on there -- then took a bunch back off again. Crazy, huh? I don't want to max out my space too much, as tempting as it is to put all my music on my iPhone! (grin) I always say music is why I have an iPod. The thing is, we almost always have our phones...

This reminds me how rarely I use my wonderful digital camera, just relying on the camera in my iPhone! I used to take my camera everywhere! But that really hasn't been true for months now... I think one of my goals this year should be to try and use the camera a bit more, again. A happy medium thing. But the phone is just so convenient! Small, and always there!

I have my ringtone back -- I've been using "This is Home" for years now, and I love it. I think I might get a few new ringtones, too...

Marilyn's close to done with her video -- she's done a great job! More about that soon.

I've got my Apps on -- weirdly enough, it put a bunch of Apps on that weren't on my last phone. Go figure! But I got theones I need, so it's all good. Now I need to finish setting up all my Social Media stuff (which I've barely started). As you can see, getting a new phone isn't that easy!

I'm reading a fascinating new non-fiction book about hoarding. It's a Kindle book.

I've got a manual (a big one) in front of me on using WordPress. Yes, I still read actual books...

I guess that's it for today.