January 29th, 2014


Not a Great Day...

On the GOOD side today, sister Sue took me to get my haircut -- and Dee did a lovely job. (I was also able to give her and the others in the shop 'Christmas' at long last.) After that I took Sue out for an early birthday lunch. (I don't think it turned out that well for Sue, but I tried...) Anyway, it was nice to be with her and get a chance for a long talk.

The bad side? Jason read at Facebook that the festival was getting a new website -- so he emailed me. That's NOT how I wanted him to find out that his company would no longer be providing our web calendar... (sigh) We spoke and it was a bad conversation (upsetting). I feel awful I never got together with him. Then he ended up sending an email to the company doing our new website (something he should not have done). I'm sorry I told him who was doing the new design, but I had no clue he'd try to go directly and contact them. (sigh)

Other bad news? WordPress (the blog website) no longer uses the theme I like to use for alumni websites. And I can't find ANYTHING even close. I'm really disgusted by this -- and I wasted a ton of time trying to resolve the problem today (hours and hours). I don't know what I'm going to do next...

I really need to learn more about WordPress -- and how to tweak out templates the way I want them. My problem is knowing what code needs to be there to make a blog work. I can create my own HTML and CSS, but there are all the elements that MUST be in place that I just don't know. (sigh) I'm so tired tonight after trying to deal with this...

Marilyn gave me good advice: To walk away from it for the day. Thankfully!

Also, a good friend had TWO strokes and is in the hospital. His family already has serious things (really big things) to deal with, so this is a terrible blow for them. Thoughts and prayers appreciated for Bill (and family), guys.

(Oh, and Donn and wife Denise have a good friend who was recently blinded. She's having surgery tomorrow to see if any sight might be restored. Again, thoughts and prayers appreciated...)

Marilyn didn't get home until almost 8:30 tonight. These long days are really hard on her right now.

Hopefully we're headed to bed soon. She has a huge day tomorrow!!! Please keep Marilyn in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow, will you? Thanks!

I still haven't found time to read here -- but I know I will! Bless you all, dear friends! And goodnight.