January 27th, 2014


Busy Day -- Started the Franklin HS Alumni Assn Website Today!

We started our day dashing over to Marilyn's clinic for her to get a blood draw. We were in some awful traffic and behind a slow truck, but managed to get there only five minutes late, even so. (whew) And for whatever reason it was quiet there this morning, which is unusual.

Because of how busy it was going to be at work -- and the fact that my condition seems good -- I called and cancelled my appointment with Nurse Practitioner Leslie for today. That made our day easier, not worrying about trying to fit that in!

We had our Communications Team meeting this morning (which normally I'm never there for, as I generally don't go in on Mondays. This Team has expanded quite a bit. It now includes: Marilyn, Carol, Rich, Danielle, Steven, Stephanie, Caitlin and me. Marilyn told me Steven asked to be involved and she was glad to include him. It's a good group and we got a lot covered today.

Directly after that Gary from Franklin (who lives in Vancouver, Washington) came in for his meeting with Marilyn and me. I've pretty well agreed to at least design and start the Franklin High School Alumni Association website, during that meeting. They lost their original domain, which was owned by the woman who did their first website. We've been through this BEFORE, so we went in and bought a new domain via DotEasy. Marilyn and I have been using them for YEARS to both purchase domains and host them -- they're still one of the most inexpensive and reliable services available (yes, they even beat GoDaddy -- and are far less confusing to use). I can't even tell you how many websites we've done through DotEasy. I'm trying to remember if it was Kevin who told us about them, or the other way around. (smile) Well, I guess it doesn't matter now. But we lucked out when we started using them, that's for sure. They cost a bit more than they used to, but they're still the best game in town! (All of this went on Gary's VISA -- with me down as the Administrator and him as the owner.)

Anyway, Gary is going to meet with the woman who has the old (original) site and see if he can get her to give up the original domain, or not. That would actually be ideal. It's a pain in the butt to move domains, but I've been involved in that a few times, so whatever. If that happens, then we'll go to that domain and eventually dump the new one.

After that meeting we took a quick drive and got some chicken for lunch. Then we came back and ate at our desks.

I started work on the new website this afternoon. I'm using the Roosevelt website as a template, as this is how the Franklin people ended up coming to us in the first place! Yes, it's very flattering -- they love the Roosevelt website so much they want the same design for their own. So basically I just have to work on tweaking out the colors and so on -- which should (hopefully!!!) make this fairly easy to do. If I'd had to create an entirely NEW site, I doubt I would have agreed to it, as it would be too damn much work.

I got a good start on it today -- and amazingly enough, the new domain has already generated! (This used to take at least 48 hours to happen in the past.) I was able to be uploading the test page directly to the new domain!!! Very cool. I didn't get that far, but I did get most of the colors swapped out. This would be easier if it were 100% CSS and not IMAGES (sigh) -- which makes me wonder if I want to CHANGE that aspect for the Franklin site. I might do that. There are many reasons to avoid too many images in the design -- but mainly it's a faster load if it's not too image-heavy.

You can see I'm already very wrapped up in the new site. Hahaha. My 'brain is sore' tonight, though, because it's been ages since I've had to struggle through reading a style sheet during a website setup...

Marilyn and I had ham, hominy, kale and cottage cheese for dinner (I cooked as soon as we got home). It was quite yummy! We had to stop at Freddies (I ran in) to get a few things, but it was worth it. Then we watched "Wheel of Fortune" (NOT good tonight!) and "Jeopardy" (we can watch these out of order because we DVR "Jeopardy") while eating.

After that we both had naps, as we were quite tired. We need to wash our hair before work tomorrow, so we're rousing ourselves to do that. I'll go as soon as I finish blogging...

I'm still planning to start actually READING my Friends' blogs here at LJ, by the way. I just haven't managed to fit it in, yet. Things are so busy! But I hate the feeling of disconnect...

I totally FORGOT to mention the Social Media meeting we had late this afternoon! It was Carol, Marilyn, Caitlin and me. We were vetting our hashtags and discussing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Caitlin has pretty much taken over as the primary person to do our Social Media during the Season, so that will be her job until she leaves after the festival is over. (I suppose we could have included Danielle in this meeting, as she does Social Media during the rest of the year, but right now it's not the best use of her time. I suspect she's busy trying to migrate stuff over to the new website!)

The NEW festival website will be launched mid-February (we have an exact date, but I don't recall it right now). Tomorrow morning during Staff meeting, Jeff will be announcing that I am no longer the Webmaster. So I wasn't going to go in, but I feel I need to be there for that announcement...

Again, this will be HAPPY news in the long run, giving me back TIME that I haven't had for several years now. But it's also HARD to experience, after having such control for so long. The new format (via WordPress) will mean we'll have many editors and several publishers -- and the role of Webmaster is NOT going to be replaced right now. Nice, considering I just had my business cards re-done with 'Webmaster' still on them. (sigh) It takes a while to run through hundreds of business cards, even if you're me and you hand them out constantly. Hahaha. I'm really happy that the new cards have my home phone number on them. Stupid me, I didn't do that last time around -- so I was always having to write it on...

Oh! And I also forgot to mention that my NEW phone (and Rich's) were order today -- and will be here at the office on Wednesday. (So they'd like me to come in that day.) I'm excited and a bit nervous about the change to a new phone, but it had to happen. My current phone won't hold a charge anymore... Oh! And I got gray, which is a new color for them! Fun, fun.

Well, off to do my hair and hopefully head to bed. We're trying to start going to bed around midnight, but that's difficult for us! At least when we get a nap in, we still get more sleep than we've been getting.

Last night we were in bed by around 1:00 a.m., so that wasn't too bad! But Marilyn has been 'under the weather' for a bit. I'm not sure what it is, but she wakes up nauseous every day -- and has been quite run down. She also seems really feverish. I wonder if she has an infection of some sort? Praying that she feels better soon.

Damn! I forgot to let Donn know that I do want him to come in tomorrow!!! More about all that in my next blog entry. I need to wrap this one up now...