January 24th, 2014

brr, cold

Stayed Home with a Sore Tongue!

It was really COLD today! And I wasn't really outside, except to go on the porch for the mail, and into the garage for a few things. (brr)

The amusing thing? Tonight my tongue (mouth and throat) feel better -- but all three were bad (miserable) this morning. I was so uncomfortable that I decided on my own to phone my clinic for an appointment -- AND that I would stay home. Heck, I wavered a ton about staying home today, but Marilyn really didn't want me to go in (she knew she'd probably be at the office until 8:00 or later, which was the case). As lousy as I felt this morning, I'm very glad I stayed home, that's for sure.

Couldn't get in today, which was fine by me, as I really want Marilyn there! The appointment is for 1:30 on Monday, which works out great.

Speaking of, we're meeting with Gary from Franklin Monday morning, so we'll see how that goes.

We have our Communications meeting first thing Monday, then Gary and after that off to see Leslie. It works.

As Marilyn pointed out tonight, it will be no surprise if I'm well by then -- it would just figure. But I want to talk other things, so no worries.

So after sleeping in a bit, I spent ages on the phone with Donn in the office. That damn Dell is messed up. In fact, two of them are messed up. The upswing? Donn will have to wipe them and reinstall WinXp on both (and we'll keep our fingers crossed that Jeff's computer -- the third Dell -- will remain fine). That was hours of my day, anyway.

I called my friend John in San Antonio (Texas) today and we had a lovely chat for around 45 minutes! I need to keep in touch with him!!! He had a stroke and it clearly has him down. But I think I have him convinced to come to the festival this year (woo hoo) -- he didn't come last year. I really love John -- he's a wonderful guy!

I participatedin the Websit meeting via a conference call (it worked fine). We made some good headway there.

What else?

Oh! I picked up in the kitchen, living room and office quite a bit. And made dinner tonight (soup and toasted cheese sands). I hadn't eaten much all day because of the pain, but was fine by our late night dinner-time.

Enjoying the Australian Open tennis -- I've managed to watch quite a bit in spite of the terrible timing.

I guess that's it for today.