January 21st, 2014

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Forgot Before: Talked to Martha Today! And Hector, Too.

Forgot to mention when I blogged earlier that Hector came by today to do the yard. He has to do the work himself now, having lost his crew. And his assistant is his son (a nice kid). Marilyn and I are going to have him treat the roof for moss (it's a mess), cut back the trees quite a bit and do the usual seasonal crap to the lawn. It's only $$$, right? Anyway, it all needs to happen...

Our friend Martha phoned recently -- so I called her back today. We didn't talk long, but hopefully I'll get back to her tomorrow. It's been years since we talked, so I really don't know what's going on with her these days. But she is still in the same apartment in Hillsboro, living with her son and his wife...

And Gary from Franklin called, too -- I need to set a time to meet with him.

And that's it for Monday!


Busy Day at Work -- Tired Tonight

We had to be at work by 8:00 this morning, for her Sing-Along meeting. So Rich and I took Caitlin to coffee. This has become a tradition on days I'm training new Staff members.

TMI: Yeah, I was in some discomfort today, with my poor tongue (the pain is bothersome, to be honest) and the issues with my who-who and the area under my breasts. You have to laugh at all this crap, really. Hahaha. The pain sucks -- it's a sharp pain ike having something sharp stuck into your tongue/throat. I imagine if I could avoid eating, drinking and talking, it wouldn't hurt so much, but that's actually impossible. Especially when I have to talk in order to train someone.

Caitlin really impressed me, I have to say. She's very smart and has excellent skills. Plus we have a lot in common. Very fun. She was really picking things up. And the poor thing is getting over a bug, and had the sniffles. Plus she was tired and yawning.

Speaking of yawning, Marilyn and Sue were watching tennis on TV together -- the Australian Open. So their were quite a few phone calls around 4:00 in the morning that kept waking me up. I wouldn't say I was fresh as a daisy today by any means. Hahaha!

I phoned Donn this morning and had him set up PRFA88 entirely by himself. Unfortunately, something went wrong. I've no clue how that happened, but it simply can't be something either Donn or I did. We follow a strict list of guidelines. But I did have to bring Kris in for one hour (!!!) this afternoon to fix the issues. Somehow the IP address and DNS got messed up. At least i know how to fix it in the future...

Staff meeting was really GOOD today! I often hate it, so this is saying a lot!

Marilyn and I took a drive at lunch and got some yummy chicken to eat...

We were the last two at work tonight, leaving at six and getting home by six-thirty. I was so tired I fell asleep sitting up in a chair. Then I suddenly woke, chilled, and went and crawled into bed with my Kindle. I have no memory whether I read anything, or not. And Henry was trying to get my attention -- really howling at me -- but I wasn't having any of that! Too tired and cranky. Poor little guy!

I woke later really hungry. We had our yummy leftovers from last -- I really enjoyed that!

Marilyn and I dashed to our local (small) Walmart, so she could pick up some pants. And that's pretty much my day, in a nutshell.

Staying home tomorrow. I think I'll take it easy. Yeah, there's tons I could do, but whatever.

Hector will be coming to start the work treating the moss on the roof (which is a three-step process). So it's good I'll be here, in case he needs anything.

Bedtime, soon! I hope this posts okay. I was so tired I just did it on my iPad, instead of my desktop computer (as usual)...