January 20th, 2014

TMI - v1

TMI Warning!

Okay, so guess what? I've now got a yeast infection (my who-who). Surprise! Issues with YEAST are very much tied to geographic tongue -- and Marilyn kept mentioning Thrush, which is basically another way of referring to a yeast infection (though I wasn't getting that). (To be even more TMI, this isn't just down below, but under my breasts, too. I've had it worse in the past, but this is bad enough, believe me.)

I've been prone to yeast infections at various times in my life, so this is far from my first experience with it. So, really, no worries!

Funny aside: Thrush isn't anything I'm familiar with, believe it or not. When I hear it, I think of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," because T.R.U.S.H. was their main enemy. Feel free to howl with laughter at my expense, please. (duh)

So now I'm itching and scratching. Just lovely! I had the medication you can take to clear it up, as it's been given to me several times when I had a series of antibiotics (just in case). So I did take a pill this evening. It takes around 24 hours for the pill to do any good. Wish I'd put it together before this, so I could have taken it sooner!

Note that my system has been pretty messed up ever since I had the tests back in November. As we all know, cleaning out the bowel for testing has to happen, but it really does mess you up afterward. My poor bowel hasn't been the same since then.

This is partly my own fault. I should have doubled up my Activia right away and made sure I was taking it every single day to help get the 'good' bacteria back in place, doing what needs doing. Plus Marilyn and I actually ate a 'pizza bread' and then pizza for Christmas Day -- something we hadn't done in well over a year before that time! Yes, we only did it that one day, but you know there's a lot of yeast in pizza -- one of the reasons it was good to give it up. I've complained about a 'sore throat' for weeks and weeks -- for all I know it could have been geographic tongue the entire time. Unless you check carefully, you can fool yourself, because geographic tongue often only shows way in the back of the mouth (where it's not that easy to see it).

When I was sick with the flu (or whatever I had), I wasn't sticking to my normal eating patterns or medication patterns. Yes, that's BAD. But I was too sick to care. Now I'm back to working on it again.

Just so I'm clear, none of this is depressing or even that upsetting. In many ways, I've been amused, in spite of the pain and/or discomfort. Stuff happens, even when we're being VERY good, so whatever. You know, even when I was really sick around the first of the month my spirits weren't that low. Life is still good, I'm happy to be alive in spite of whatever issues and there's a lot to be happy about! So don't feel too worried about me. I'm doing just fine. (Now if we go back to the issues I had with my knee it would be another story -- !!! -- but happily that's a thing of the past! Hahaha.)

We got takeout Chinese food for dinner -- it was lovely!!!

Marilyn and I had to run down to the office to be sure things were set up for our new person (Caitlin) tomorrow -- whom I'll be training (as usual). After that we went to the store to do some shopping that really, really needed to happen. We hadn't been out to speak of since early last week (!!!), and we were really out of things! So I got antifungal cream for my who-who and other spots -- plus some vitamin B12 stuff (supposedly helps geo tongue) and a numbing spray for my throat. So I should be able to make it through the training just fine.

Think about it for a second. There are certainly a lot of things that can happen to our bodies. Isn't it interesting? I suppose it would be nice not to experience some of those things, but there's something fascinating about it, even so. Even pain has a place in our lives, and it's not always bad. Well, my tongue is only a little sore right now, so maybe I can afford to view things in that light. Hahaha. Who knows?

May you have boring lives when it comes to physical issues, my friends! (You know that curse about living in interesting times? Yeah, well...)