January 16th, 2014

half full glass

It's All About AGE, Isn't It? (smile)

First I want to mention that I bought a book by author John Green (the link goes to his official website) -- "The Fault in Our Stars" -- that was recommended to me by sister Sue.

Actually, Sue gave me a list of several of John Green's books, but this one was $7.99, and I rarely ever spend that much for a eBook download. (As many of you know, I get a lot of my books either FREE or for under $3 -- so generally I have to already have read a book, and really LOVE it, to spend this much $$$. Okay, I'm cheap. Yeah. I get it! But I get so many books that it can really add up. Obviously the Laurie R. King books are an exception to this rule, running on an average around $10. But I'm pretty hooked on her writing! Even so, I couldn't tell you the last time I bought one of her books...)

I selected the above book from the list Sue shared with me because she mentioned that she had personally really related to it. I've yet to put it on my Kindle, so I haven't started the book, yet, but hope to do so soon. Sue found this author and these books via her two granddaughters, Nicole and Maddy, who both love them. I assume they're reading them in paperback and wonder if they're buying them at some student discount price or something. I'll have to ask Sue. Maybe they're just getting them from the library. You know what? I can't remember the last time I checked ANYTHING out from the library, something I used to do all the time... But that's another tale. (grin)

Marilyn still didn't feel well today and stayed home -- I'm glad, because we can always go in over the weekend when she's better (and when there's no one to interrupt her as she tries to get things done). Marilyn is sought out by co-workers, board members and others CONSTANTLY during any given work day. I think it's difficult to ever find her alone in her office (unless she shuts the door, which she rarely does). When you add the huge amount of meetings she attends all week long, it's amazing she can ever find time to do her actual work. She finished up all the personnel reviews she needed to do (a ton of them), and now she needs to write them all up -- a task no one else can help her with. That's hours of work right there...

We were both able to eat today, which was an improvement. I didn't go to lunch with Sue, but in the afternoon Marilyn and I got it in our heads we wanted to have the Mexican food I'd pretty well PROMISED Marilyn for dinner Wednesday night. So I phoned Sue and she and I went over there. Because I don't drive, I often have to ask others to take me places -- and let me be clear: It's not an easy thing to do. I really HATE to impose on others, even those very close to me. But in this case, I had it in my head that I'd give Sue some $$$ to buy food she wanted, and that we'd get to chat a little while getting the food. I wanted to give her the package from Sue B. for Christmas and watch her open stuff. I had it all figured out in my imagination -- and we know how well that stuff works out, right? Hahaha. Let's just say it was bad timing -- Sue needed to pick up Nicole from school, and Nicole wasn't feeling well, and Sue didn't want her waiting outside in the cold. And I should have just skipped it right then.

I did phone Marilyn when we got to the restaurant, considering Sue would NOT take the cash from me, nor would she get anything for herself to eat (because it might take longer to prepare). Marilyn had me go out and tell Sue to leave, and she got dressed and came to get me. So it all turned out fine (I think). I actually didn't hear if Sue got there on time (???) for Nicole, but hopefully she did. (And maybe I need to be more careful about asking people to take me places in the future...)

It was FUN having our food (and Sue called to say she hoped we were enjoying it) -- I'm just sorry they didn't get any over at Sue's house. It's food we all just love. Marilyn and I got several things, but didn't eat all that much of it. Which is okay, as we'll have it for tomorrow...

I forgot to blog about the recent email I got from our vet. The subject line reads: Bring COLIN in for a senior wellness check-up. SAY WHAT??? The body reads (in part): "While age is just a number, the age of your pet can tell you a lot. Did you know that pets over the age of seven are considered to be "senior"— including COLIN? With the right care, you can help your senior pet stay healthy and happy." Colin is our HEALTHY cat -- and the healthiest cat we've had in decades! Poor Kittie Scarlett was never healthy during the year we had her. And both Indy and April had issues when they got to old age (he was 15 and she was 14 when we had to have them put down). And Henry, too, has had various health issues since he was born. But Colin? He's sturdy! He's got amazing muscles. He runs all over the house and loves to jump on on things. He just seems so YOUNG in his behavior. It's impossible to think of him as a 'senior citizen' cat! Marilyn and I were both stunned. And we keep making jokes about it, but really? Are all cats automatically seniors when they hit seven???

Maybe it hits a bit close to home, considering my own age. But guess what? I honestly DO NOT think of myself as a 'senior,' either. Good thing, because I've got way too much to do to let myself start thinking of myself as OLD in any sense of the word. I'm pretty sure Colin feels as spry as ever -- and in spite of whatever health issues I might deal with, I still feel young, too. I don't even like to talk about being middle-aged, because that's always come off as OLD in our society.

So much about age is in the mind. I really believe that. There are many things we can do to STAY YOUNG, and I'm planning to keep doing the good things I've been doing -- and starting doing even more. Marilyn and I stay involved in modern technology and in social media -- and this helps, believe it or not. (I bet I have more regular interaction with tons of teen and pre-teens than my friends who have children that age! I'm not kidding.) Certain games help with mental issues (and we play them often). I really need MORE exercise -- and it's a goal for me to get more in 2014. But don't forget that I can still easily get up and down, as I'm on the floor constantly for my work! I crawl under desks and get into crazy positions to do my work. We also have a huge staircase at work that I climb dozens of times (or more) every single day that I'm at the office (not to mention the stairs in our house here at home). And I can lift computer towers (even the old, heavy ones) and carry loads of heavy stuff. And think about Marilyn finishing that half marathon in December! She didn't even TRAIN for it! We're aging. There's only one alternative to that, after all! Hahaha. But we haven't gotten OLD, yet. And don't plan to anytime soon. (I don't think most of the people we're around even think of what our ages might be -- and if they do, I doubt they think we're the ages we are...)

Of course, I know a LOT of people older than me who are equally committed to staying young -- and doing a great job at it! It's a state of mind -- but it's also being willing to put in some WORK to keep young. I love 'young at heart,' but I think it means: Old outside, but with young feelings inside. So in many ways, 'young at heart' is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Okay? (smile)

Off to do some more 'young' things -- like playing a HOG (hidden object game) with Marilyn, and goofing around at Instagram (where most of my interactions are with people under the age of 20).

Just had a flash of Dick Powers, the wonderful photographer that's worked for the festival since long before I was involved there (and I've been around it for more than three decades). He can't do what it used to, but he still wants to do SOMETHING each year! I admire that so very much... (He's in his 80's now.)

Sweet (youthful) dreams, all! Hahaha.