January 14th, 2014

charlie 2012 beige

Busy Tuesday at the Festival Office...

Donn came in today to give Tiffany a tutorial on using Rhino (our CAD). But he was there by 9:30 and didn't do that until 11:00, so he had time to work on some other projects for me, too. (woo hoo)

Marilyn's printers are now set up, thankfully. There's some other tweaking that will need to happen, but so far so good.

Marilyn had Exec this morning (at 7:30), so I was in the office early by myself. I started working cleaning out some of the drawers in Marilyn's office. Rich came in while I was doing this, so he had to wait for me before we could go for coffee. I got the two small drawers done and they're awesome now (if I do say so myself).

So Rich and I are headed for Starbucks. Stephanie is in the office, so we get her to come along. Then on the way there we meet up with Danielle who crosses the street to go with us. Finally we also meet up with Erin, who also joins us. Our pair is now five people! Hahaha.

Gave Donn twenty bucks today as a 'bonus' for all the fabulous work he did last week (especially on Friday). He really earned a treat... (Borrowed it from Marilyn, so I need to remember to take it out of the bank for her.)

We're actually pretty broke right now. Thankfully payday is coming up! We're watching our pennies a bit at the moment. (grin)

Several people noticed my nails today and complimented them. That's nice!

Got a bunch of IT stuff done today -- including finishing up the PASSWORD list (for the Server), so that Donn could have it for the computer spreadsheet he's working on. Go, me! Hahaha. That task is always a piece of work, for whatever reason.

I'm good at a lot of this, but terrible at stats -- always have been. So I really have to push myself to do any of the spreadsheet stuff...

I actually skipped Staff meeting today -- I just had so much to do with Donn that I decided it was the better use of my time. (Marilyn said it was okay, so...)

Talked for a time to Ashley. She and Levi are having a hard time right now. They lost Levi's aunt in December. Now they're losing his grandfather. His dad just had knee surgery, but is having to fly out here to say 'goodbye' to his father (Levi's grandfather). And other relatives have been staying with the two of them and it's a difficult time for both Ashley and Levi. So sad...

Oh. Found out today I was supposed to do some website TRAINING tomorrow. I'm having lunch with Sue, and the training is during that exact part of the day. So guess who won't be at the office for this? Danielle is convinced she can train me, so hopefully that's true. I guess we'll see...

Marilyn and I stopped at the Dollar Tree on the way home from work today so she could get 'thank you' cards (so reasonable there). We also picked up several hardback books and I got more pencil holders for the office. WIN! (smile)

I did the treadmill tonight for 30 minutes. It's part of my goal to get fit in 2014 that I try to exercise daily, at least a little. (About time!!!)

I'm probably forgetting things, but oh well. There's so much going on I can hardly keep my life straight these days. Hahaha.

I do want to start READING MORE (AND COMMENTING) here at LiveJournal. While I managed to blog really well in 2013, I didn't keep up with my friends well at all. (It's all about TIME and how I manage it. I wish I had more FREE time, but that's not going to happen, so I have to figure it out somehow... sigh...)

So I keep finding NEW things I want to do -- plus we have this goal to get MORE SLEEP this year. I don't know what's going to have to give, because it won't be work, I'm sure. (grin) I'll figure it out somehow.

I have more 'Christmas' I still need to take out -- hopefully I can do some tomorrow! One of these days I really need to get my hair cut, too. And the cats MUST go to the vet -- they're almost a month late, now. Anyway, that's my Tuesday...