November 26th, 2013

thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is Getting Closer!

No. Marilyn and I did NOT leave our Portland house to head to our beach house in Seaside, Oregon today... We just had so many things we needed to get done. And we didn't want to rush or otherwise pressure ourselves. So we decided to wait to leave tomorrow (Wednesday). Yeah, yeah -- the busiest travel day in the entire country for the entire year. Hahaha. Doesn't that figure?

Anyway, it made us feel a lot better as we tried to get certain things done during the day, that's for sure!

I'm trying to think of everything we did today, but my mind is just a blank at the moment.

We did watch "The Chase" (the game show that features 'The Beast'). And we saw "Dancing with the Stars," and saw the winner announced. I can't even think what else we watched, but we had the TV on all day...

And I got the garbage and recycling done, which was essential! Plus we went shopping for a few items (including the liners for the cat boxes!!!) -- and we picked up Marilyn's prescriptions from the store.

And we both did some laundry to prepare for going to the beach.

More tomorrow. I'm too distracted tonight to even write a decent entry.