November 22nd, 2013

star, gold star

JFK -- 50 Years

It's hard to believe that it's been 50 years (!!!) since the death of President John F. Kennedy today...

I was a child when it happened. The announced it at our grade school and sent us all home.

Mom saved a bunch of the newspapers from the event and I dug them out today and was looking them over. For the record, the day was a Friday. You wouldn't believe how many businesses CLOSED the following Monday so that employees could grieve for the dead President. The newspapers were full of large ads announcing that a given store would be closed until the following Tuesday -- many not opening until Tuesday afternoon. When would that happen NOW???

JFK's death had made a huge impact on my life and the lives of my family. It's almost impossible to express, really. The three brothers -- JFK, RFK and Teddy (Edward) -- were all special to us. I always felt strongly about JFK, Marilyn was just crazy about RFK and sister Sue really loved Edward (and had the opportunity to actually know him and interact with him).

No words can really cover what this event was like (nor the later death of RFK, for that matter). The world as we knew it really DID change after Kennedy's death. I can say that for certain.

I managed to observe the National Moment of Silence (shown on TV) this morning, in spite of the fact that Ron was here to do our furnace maintenance this morning. Ron mentioned that he was a junior in high school when Kennedy was killed. Everyone who was alive then (and not too young, of course) remembers what happened on that day. It was that kind of event. Everyone is comparing it to 9-11, naturally. I suppose that's only natural...

Listening to TV as I type this. They're talking about the eternal flame that's at JFK's grave. I have to say when in Washington, D.C. I went there and was very moved by the sight of that flame. (And the plain white cross at RFK's grave, too...)

Angel phoned right at 10:00 a.m. as we'd planned yesterday (he originally called when I had the plumber here on Thursday). We were going to update the Clown Corps page of the website today. I asked him to call back later so I didn't have to try and concentrate on work while having Ron here...

Ron brought the two furnace filters we'd ordered (we got them for $40 each -- Ron told me they're normally $52, which seems really expensive to me!), thankfully. Getting those filters is a huge issue, for whatever reason -- and we've needed one for ages. (It hadn't been replaced since 2011.)

It took Ron about an hour to do the work. The smell in the house from whatever he uses was AWFUL! I had to open the back door and windows all over the house, plus turn on fans to air it out. Mind you, it was 27° this morning (!!!) and the house temperature was down to 60° -- typical, huh?

They just mentioned Black Jack -- the riderless horse that was there for the funeral march of JFK. Mom was so very impressed by the fact that they got a horse named 'Jack' (Kennedy's nickname). That riderless horse was a moving thing...

Okay, I keep digressing. Sorry! The house is open for air and letting in cold. And I've got the furnace grinding away to try and warm things up a bit. Crazy!

Marilyn went with sister Sue to her doctor appointment (heart doctor) today. Sue got a good report, for the most part.

Angel phoned back and we did the website work. And chatted a bit. He's a very dear friend and I love him to pieces.

I also did some IT-related work this morning with Stephanie and Carol (the Access database). Nothing big, but it's now crossed off my list.

Anyway, Sue phoned and wanted to go to lunch, so we did that. We had Mexican food from our fave place. And I brought food home for dinner, too.

I also did a load of dishes today. And put everything back after Ron left (things have to get moved around for him to access the furnace areas).

Oh! Getting to those newspapers? They were in a cedar chest that's under the HUGE TV (old type) in Marilyn's bedroom. So I had to lift it twice... I've got the newspapers put aside to look at with Marilyn at some point, so they'll go back eventually. They have the odor of both old newspaper and some kind of glue -- not sure why about the glue. (They were with an old high school scrapbook of Mom's, so that may be why.) Anyway, I can't keep them anywhere near us, as we'd both die from allergies (only slightly exaggerating!). Those newspapers are amazing. I'm so glad she kept them!

Well, that's pretty much the day. We've been watching Kennedy-related shows since Marilyn got home from work. It's hard not to...

We plan to go in to the office and work tomorrow, as we both have things to catch up that we just couldn't get to this week.

And Marilyn's is having Amanda out Monday night for a massage (therapy for her poor shoulders). That's a good thing!

Tired. Off to get a nap!