November 15th, 2013

brr, cold

Cold Day at the Office

Hard to get up this morning for both Marilyn and me. And it was so cold in the house! Plus somehow last night we ended up shutting Colin away for the entire night (!!!). We both felt terrible about it. We need to watch more carefully, that's for sure. The second you open any door, they seem to want to go in -- but it's not funny to think of them shut off from food, water and the cat box -- or even a warm place to curl up and sleep! He was just all over us and purring like mad, but we had to get ready for work so we couldn't give him much attention...

The house was 64° this morning, by the way! I need to order oil (finally!) and a new filter on Monday!!!

Marilyn and I headed over for Starbucks fairly soon after getting there -- and Carol went with. She kindly BOUGHT (!!!) for the three of us, a nice surprise! My, was it COLD going over there! And I not only wore my leather jacket today, but one of my heavy winter jackets (with a hood for rain), too!

I notice my knee (the 'bad' one) seems to dislike the cold. And I remember that I got quite cold right before I had that flare up last month (!!!). Well, arthritis doesn't like the cold -- no doubt about it -- as Marilyn pointed out.

I went to work on some of the stuff that came up during Communications yesterday. I had already added that video to the Home page. But I re-did the banner -- using the base from 2013, I went in and swapped out the theme marks. Now the 2014 'Making Memories' theme mark is there, instead. Plus I took out some things from the Home page and changed the dates for next year. We want it as 'clean' as possible for the rest of the time it will be up, prior to the new website being unveiled...

Then we had our (damn) phones go out entirely in the early afternoon (!!!). I tried to help with that again, but nothing was working. We were completely without phones for half the day (sigh)!!! Christine contacted John B. (the guy Peter from our board had suggested) -- and I tried to answer a bunch of his questions (pretty unsuccessfully, I'm afraid). Marilyn was in a meeting (she knows an awful lot about those phones now!!!) -- then she had to head over to City Hall with Jeff.

I walked out in the rain to get a bite to eat for both of us. I got a tuna sandwich and got her some hard-boiled eggs (which she likes). I'm hung up on Diet Mountain Dew right now (do you believe that, Sue???), so I got a bottle of that, too. (grin)

Marilyn was pleased when she got back and had something to nosh on...

Oh! Jeff and I finally talked about "The Walking Dead" late today! He went back and caught up on the series and is very wrapped up in it now, so it was fun discussing it with him. My TWD Instagram account is now up to 210 Followers, by the way.

I sent more Textures to myself so I could get them in the Photo Stream on our iPads for Marilyn and me to use. Some are old (I made them years ago) and a bunch are brand new (I made them today). These are just some of the resources you end up making to use for photo/image editing, by the way. I've been doing it for a long time now. These things end up really handy!

I also need to send us what I've always called Elements, too. For the computer I'd have these as transparent .png images (or sometimes transparent .gifs) -- but for the iPad you need them with a solid white (or black) background. That could end up a problem in some cases, I suppose. I guess we'll find out!

Marilyn and I were the last people out of the office, but did get home in time for "Jeopardy" tonight. Wow, stuff was really hard today. It's a Teacher Tournament. Then we watched "Wheel of Fortune," too, before I headed for a NAP.

I did reach Hector yesterday -- he was supposed to come and do the leaves today and also the gutters (before the rain this weekend). But it was pitch black when we got home, so I don't know if he came or not!

I think I'll see if Marilyn wants me to cook a late dinner. She's had little to eat all day, so she must be starved -- and I could eat, too...

This weekend I hope we get to SLEEP and just relax and rest a lot! I'm looking forward to it.

I almost forgot! Friend June phoned me at the office to say she took a bad FALL today! Prayers and/or good thoughts sent her way are greatly appreciated. I think she should see a doctor, but she said no. Still, it worries me! (At least she went in and had her flu shot...)

Plus Sue got Nicole in for her broken piece on her braces -- but that's not going well, either! The retainer is really painful for her right now, poor thing.

Candy was supposed to go with girlfriends to the beach this weekend, leaving today. The last I heard she hadn't gotten home yet. I hope that all worked out...

Sister Sue will be around if we want to see her for Starbucks or whatever...

And that was my Friday!