September 30th, 2013

under the weather

Under the Weather -- Fighting a Cold... (sigh)

Clearly my seasonal allergies are more of a problem this year, for whatever reason. And I think mainly because of the increased issue with allergies, I'm fighting a cold... (sigh)

I spent a good deal of today in BED, believe it or not!

Marilyn and I did go out for Starbucks (I had an extra hot chai latte -- no cold beverages for me right now, with this sore throat), which was nice. We'd wanted to meet sister Sue, but she had Nicole home sick from school, running a high temperature, so she didn't feel right leaving her. Nicole got sick attending the game last Friday night, by the way... (During Home Coming weekend for Roosevelt.)

I have been reading a ton, anyway, as I often do when I'm not feeling well. Reading is always a GOOD thing!

And we survived the whole wind storm and power outage situation (!!!) from yesterday, thankfully! I managed to phone in pills for Henry (we're almost out) to his vet -- but not to contact Hector about our gutters (!!!), which I really need to get done! (sigh) Tomorrow, I guess!

I also got the Court application up at the website and put the pages Live that needed to go up. They were DUE by October 1, so I'm perfect getting them there today! (woo hoo)

Now I need to work on the eNewsletter for this week, due out on Thursday. This SHOULD be the last one with one of my templates. (Maybe the one at the end of the year will still be mine... not sure... but we're close to a new template, anyway.) Again, I just won another award for my eNewsletters in 2013, so I'm happy with what's been produced over these past years.

I fried more tomatoes (and zucchini) for dinner. We'd talked about having soup, but I wanted the tomatoes! We don't have many 'messes' less to have, so we need to enjoy them while we can! (smile)


I haven't shared my thoughts about "Revenge" (last night), yet. I'm not sure what to say. Mainly I'm THRILLED they didn't kill off Conrad (we hadn't known if they would or not). He's our favorite character on the show. Believe it or not, I'll miss Ashley, now that she's gone. Don't care for the new French character (even though we saw very little of her). And feel they did a POOR job of introducing Patrick (Victoria's eldest son). Jack blowing Emily off was fine by me -- I don't see those two together anyway. I think Aiden teamed with Victoria is odd. (Aiden against Emily? Seriously? I already wish Aiden and Daniel could be friends... sigh...) Those are off the top of my head. It's odd, like they're basically ignoring last season entirely...

Oh well! It's never been a perfect show, but we still enjoy it. So whatever!

It's been cold enough to turn on the FURNACE (!!!). There have been many years when we didn't do that until November, so September is pretty damn early! I'll need to get out and 'stick the oil' to be sure we've got plenty. (Makes me think of Dad... grin...)

Yahoo mail wants me to do some change to my settings for Outlook. (sigh) What a pain!

And Marilyn was heading for six miles on the treadmill the last time I checked. (Go, HER!)

I guess that's plenty for today...