September 18th, 2013

under the weather

Home Sick Again Today.

There's really nothing to report for today. We were both home sick again.

And we both slept half the day away, which is probably exactly what we need, so that's a good thing...

I can't even think of anything much we did today. We both messed around with Instagram on our iPads. (Easy, no need to use the computer, or even really sit up.)

We did watch a couple LifeTime movies, too. (No, I don't remember the titles, but they were both pretty good for LifeTime movies, I think...)

Right now we have HGTV on (as we often do). I'm only half looking at it...

I haven't really been reading. Whenever I lie down, I end up sleeping... I'd actually like to try and read. I wonder if I could stay awake?

We only ate one meal today. I fixed refried bean tacos (simple to do) for dinner... We hadn't had those recently, so it was actually nice -- very tasty! And I didn't feel put upon to cook these. (The way you feel sometimes when you're under the weather and don't feel like fixing food...)

We never managed our manicures this past weekend -- and we'd discussed doing them yesterday (Tuesday), but obviously with us sick that didn't happen. We've got a wedding reception we're going to this weekend (it's been on our schedule for months, so we really must be there -- really dear friends), so our nails really need to look good. (sigh)

One last interesting note: Kris contacted me today via phone messages (no texting and no email, to be specific). Obviously he never got MY message that I was home sick yesterday. He was apologizing for blowing me off (???) and just not showing at all yesterday (!!!). And trying to reschedule with me. I'm sure glad Marilyn and I weren't at the office waiting around for him to show!!! (I think that could have been upsetting -- especially for Marilyn...)

Well, that's it for today...


What's the Deal with My Laptop???

This entry is really an aside...

Since the new modem (mentioned HERE), I suddenly have major issues with the WiFi on my laptop... I suppose it figures...

I guess I'll have to try moving the laptop to another part of the family room. But that's not really very CONVENIENT, considering it's right where I always sit at the current time. (sigh)

But I just tried to post my recent blog entry downstairs (I didn't want to bother to come up here to the office for that) -- and I lost the entry because I lost the internet connection! So I had to come up here and re-do it. Happily part of it was still there. But this isn't the first time it's happened. I guess in the future I need to get my butt up to the office and not try to use the laptop (unless we're talking at the beach house).


I wish I knew a way you could BOOST the WiFi signal. A reasonable way that's not terribly expensive, while we're on the subject. At one point somebody was telling us about a way to boost our cell phone reception -- but it was going to cost around $100 (!!!), and I don't consider that all that reasonable an expense!

Anyway, just had to vent a bit...