August 28th, 2013

under the weather

Slightly Under the Weather -- Plus: Vacation Continues!

Marilyn and I went out so she could have her underarms waxed. Talk about COURAGE!!! Just imagine how much that must HURT! I've had some waxing done in the past, but never that. Ouch. But it's a great way to go, obviously. (I remember Amy who used to work in our office getting it done in 2007 for the Centennial Ball... Funny how the mind works!)

After that, we headed to IKEA, planning to eat breakfast there -- and pick up a few (very few) things that we needed. But breakfast was over and we did NOT want to get lunch, so we hurried to get the items we wanted. I got a new frying pan (I love their frying pans -- and the price is right!) -- and I replaced my favorite cooking spoon (woo hoo) that was destroyed in the dishwasher.

We also got some of their WONDERFUL wooden hangers for clothing -- we have a bunch of these that we use at the beach house (all painted WHITE), but we needed some more. And I got some (BLACK) for my closet here in Portland. At $4.99 for eight hangers, I think they're really reasonable -- we're talking very nice hangers. Much better than wire or plastic...

After that we went to breakfast at IHOP, which is close by IKEA. We both had the low cal plate, which had egg substitute, turkey (!!!) bacon and fruit (and we both skipped the toast, as we don't eat bread). It was fine. Frankly, I think I could get used to turkey bacon. And the egg substitute was okay, actually. But IHOP isn't the most charming of places to eat. It's nothing to Elmer's -- and I think I actually prefer McDonald's, too. Oh well. McDonald's has MUCH BETTER COFFEE, that's for sure!

As for other errands, we also went to get gas for the car and a few grocery items (like pop and grapes). Plus we picked up my hair color (time to do my roots).

We ended up having Safeway's deli Chinese for dinner, which we like a lot!

Neither one of us has felt that great today. In fact, we've been 'okay' for a few days. And I ended up with some bowel issues that didn't appear to be food-related. Annoying.

We watched "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" On Demand today -- when not watching US Open Tennis, of course. As I've mentioned, I've been reading the book, so I really wanted to see the film again. They did a great job making that book into a movie, I think. Anyway, I'm a little more than half way through the book, and still enjoying the read very, very much.

I got a David Morrell book to read when I finish up with it today -- on a tremendous sale! I'm excited to read it. I love David's writing and have enjoyed many of his books. Years back I got to interview him (via phone) -- at a time when he had interviews appearing in national publications (like "Playboy"). It was very heady stuff! He's not only an excellent writer, but a wonderful man, too. I can't wait to start the book...

Marilyn has started the treadmill -- another of her major runs. She's certainly doing a great job with her Boot Camp!!! I'm impressed and inspired.

Okay, I'm going to include a few of the words that Oxford Dictionaries Online decided to ADD (no, not the entire list). I'm always fascinated by this! Just read an article about whether or not the words 'light bulb' should become the word 'lightbulb' -- this stuff is really interesting to me! When you write, you want to be CORRECT. But I admit I always use email -- not e-mail. So I guess I don't always follow 'The Rules' when it comes to this stuff... (grin)

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Sister Sue had lunch with friends today -- Marilyn and I were pleased for her! And she's going to a cribbage tournament this weekend (leaving on Friday). I need to get over to her house and try to figure out WHAT'S WRONG NOW with Candy's computer (sigh). Maybe that can happen tomorrow... (I guess she wanted me to come today -- but I didn't get that, so it didn't happen...)

I took medicine and my stomach is feeling better at the moment. I'd love to do the treadmill myself, but it's hard when you feel crummy. At least I'm not stuck in the bathroom right now -- that's a good thing. Yeah, yeah, TMI -- I know. But we all poop, after all...

Marilyn and I are enjoying our vacation, in spite of rainy weather, high humidity (very annoying!) and not feeling 100%. It's still great to be off and doing what we feel like. Rest (including lots of SLEEP) is a very good thing, for example!

On that note, I have actual WORK for the festival that I must tackle. I guess tomorrow...

Oh! And I did do two loads of dishes today (!!!), finally. I also need to do some more laundry. Plus I want to finish up the cleaning in my bathroom and bedroom sometime soon...

And on that note...