August 7th, 2013


Bathroom Cleaning -- Visiting June (and Jim)!

I started off my day with a sore throat and fever, which sucks. I never did get rid of the sore throat... I did go back to bed for a little bit, anyway, before beginning my day. (I think I've been fighting a cold for a bit -- but I'm hopefully going to WIN this battle!)

Then I tackled the bathroom (with help from cats Colin and Henry!). I wanted to actually scrub the wall (and ceiling), which really need it. But it's S-L-O-W going, I have to say! I only got about a third of the room done today...

Happily June phoned me in the afternoon, so I spent several happy hours over at her house. We played with our Kindle paperwhite devices and chatted and downloaded some books. Very fun!

(It's really delightful to have somebody close to me with the same device, by the way...)

They gave me some yellow squash to bring home, so I cooked that for dinner. We had it with fish, cottage cheese and Brussels sprouts -- all very yummy (and healthy).

Poor Marilyn fell asleep waiting for me to finish cooking dinner (!!!) -- I'd planned to get home sooner, but you know how that goes... She had another big, exhausting day, so it's little wonder. She's napping now, as I type this.

Frankly, I'm tired, too. That cleaning was very physical...

I didn't realize I needed to be at the office tomorrow, but we have our meeting with Fish Marketing about the new website. So I hope I feel decent in the morning! No worries, I'm sure I'll be fine.

(Plus I have Donn coming in on Friday...)

Oh! I did two loads (!!!) of dishes today -- about time! I still need to do laundry, though...

Yes, this is rushed. I'm off to read my Kindle and have a nap...