July 27th, 2013

conrad relax, relax conrad

Quiet Day at Home...

Today has been a quiet day at home, doing pretty much nothing at all...

Marilyn was sleeping for hours at one point, while I (aimlessly) watched TV. Then I finally headed for a nap -- and she went out to see Angel performing at a nearby library. (She was gone a couple of hours.) I did force myself to put on my contacts and some makeup and get dressed, as I'd been in my nightclothes all day long... (smile)

We've both been playing with our Fascination game on our iPads. It's not a perfect game, but it's still a lot of fun!

And we're sort of talking about going to a movie. (I guess we'll see if that happens or not.)

I'm totally laid back whatever does happen. This is just one of those days made to RELAX and be lazy. And we earned it again this past week.