July 2nd, 2013


Marilyn, Colin, Henry and I Are at the Beach House!!!

Yes, we four (counting our kitties) are really in 'vacation mode' now -- and we finally made the trip down to Seaside, Oregon and our beach house. We haven't been here since April 8, which is close to three months. So it's lovely to be back, at last!

Traveling in the new car went great, by the way. It had plenty of power for the mountain range, even though it's a smaller engine that Sparkle (the other car) had. And there was plenty of ROOM for the cats in their crates in the back seat. Plus lots of room for everything we hauled down to go in the back of the rig...

The cats were pretty darn good coming down, by the way! Very little fuss at all. And no accidents of any kind.

It didn't seem dusty or musty at all, which was nice. I had to 'oil' the sliding glass door that goes out to the deck, because it would barely budge for rust (!!!). I meant to get WD 40 at the store, but I forgot. I just used plain old cooking oil, which worked okay.

We took three of our four 'outdoor' chairs on to the deck (and left the fourth in the garage). These have silk seat covers that are NOT removable, so we store them inside during the inclement weather months...

It was sunny all the way here -- and remained sunny when we got here. We weren't sure, as there had been talk of Seaside being overcast.

The negative side is that even though we're much cooler here than at home, the house is quite warm. And we don't have central air here like we do at the Portland house. So we try to open windows and use little window fans, but it isn't much help. Oh well. Hopefully it will cool down nicely overnight.

We had to go shopping sooner than we'd planned, by the way. One of the damn smoke alarms was beeping for a low battery in a LOUD and insistent fashion -- more annoying than I can possibly say. So we had to go and get a new battery immediately to save our sanity. (sigh) We'd planned for a nap, but that never did happen...

We picked up food to replace what had gone bad during the time we'd been away. All we did was snack today -- no real meals at all. Which is fine when it's warm.

We hope to go to breakfast in the morning -- and we should be good and hungry by then!

Sister Sue is coming to the house tomorrow (I don't know what time). She plans to state over two nights before heading home again.

Well, I'm off to watch TV with Marilyn and play at Instagram. Yes, I'm really hooked. Very much FUN, I have to say! And I love taking and sharing photos -- and this is such an easy way to do it. Besides, it's quite an outlet for my artistic side...

I can't think of what I'm forgetting, so it's probably not important. More tomorrow!