June 25th, 2013


Manicures? Done, Thankfully...

Marilyn and I managed to go out and get our manicures DONE today. Yes, the manicures we were supposed to get done over the weekend. (sigh) At least that's out of the way for a few weeks!

Marilyn had Exec BRIGHT AND EARLY this morning. I wasn't up when she left, but got up shortly after that and ready for work quite quickly. Let's just say she came and got me in time to drag me in for our first Staff Meeting since the festival. (We stop them right before the festival and don't have them until after it's over each year...)

Marilyn had a lunch meeting, so I took Christine out for lunch. We had a lovely time! We've never gone to lunch together before this. We did talk work a bit -- especially about the phone system and what needs to happen there. But it was nice, as we do work closely as a team on a lot of IT-related things. I really enjoy working with Christine -- and I like her a lot. She's good people.

Rich was out today. He needed to take Merlin for her tests prior to going in for her surgery on her knee.

Marilyn and I were at work late (surprise). So even with our short break for our manicures, Marilyn worked a 10-hour day. We got home in time for me to fix dinner so that we were eating and watching Wimbledon tennis by 8:00 p.m., anyway.

I just woke up a few minutes ago, knowing I still needed to blog, take my nighttime meds and blast the house with some AIR (it's really hot in here!). I should also go and edit the News item I put up at the website today, about our Thursday event -- the Peninsula Park Centennial celebration...

What else? I had a nice talk with Emily about books! And discovered she's a huge Harry Potter fan. (smile)

I guess I'll call it good for today...