June 17th, 2013


Website Work (Two Sites) and... (Plus Hair is Colored!!!)

I worked on both the Roosevelt HS alumn website AND the festival website today. That kept me busy! And I went through and organized my email and so on, too...

Sister Sue took me shopping just past noon, then I took her to lunch and she took me for Starbucks. Aren't we sweet to each other? (grin) It was nice to get together -- we haven't had many chances to talk lately...

I also managed to color my hair today (which really needed it!).

Poor Henry was sick today -- he was moaning and crying and I just couldn't figure out WHAT he wanted (!!!). Then I had to go downstairs for something and he was throwing up. Then he had to run to his potty box and had some issues there, too. I think he had a little bug, poor baby...

Marilyn picked me up after work and we dashed to a couple of stores to pick up some things I didn't get earlier today. (And I fixed dinner -- refried beans tacos, with fresh celery.)

I had a stomach ache at dinner time, so I skipped the refried beans (tacos or without) and just ate some celery with dip. I did have a big lunch out, so that was fine... Actually, I've had gastrointestinal issues on and off the past week (while sick, and since). Oh well. Trying to reason out WHY is part of the question. Is it medication, maybe? Or something else? And Marilyn is right, I need to set up my appointment to go to the gastroenterology clinic (which had to be put off because of the festival).

Oh! And Sue reminded me that I have a dental appointment this Wednesday to see Mary. She wants to check out my mouth and be sure everything has been taken care of.

Work at the office tomorrow...

I'd like to try and get over to see my friend June on Thursday (fingers crossed).

Then Friday I'll go in to the office, as well -- it's Movie Day (by the way). (Yes, Marilyn brought it back again... grin...)

Reading a new book -- I'll share tomorrow. Time for a NAP now!