May 4th, 2013


Book Launch Event

Today was the Book Launch at Powell's Books, in downtown Portland (as mentioned HERE), where Marilyn did her presentation (speaking and showing the Arcadia book PowerPoint). She did a GREAT job, and looked wonderful -- I was very proud of her! George, the book author, was also there to speak briefly.

From the Staff, Rich, Angel, Jeff, Christine, Eleanor and I were there. From the Board, Todd, Nancy (with her husband, Stephen), Frank, Arthur (and his husband, William), Diane and John were there. Plus there were members of the public in attendance. And the Living History Characters (Thelma, W.J. and Silas) were also there, and performed. (And Candy -- who portrays Thelma -- had her fiance Roger there, too.) It wasn't a large audience, but it was decent. And they seemed very engaged.

Marilyn is so good. She's an excellent public speaker and very funny, too (with excellent timing). I don't talk that much about this aspect of her work, but she does interviews all the time for TV and Radio -- as well as doing events like this. (She's been doing public speaking since she was a teenager, so it's little wonder she's good at it...)

After this event we came home and changed, then went for Mexican food and margaritas -- very nice!

Tomorrow we're going to the office to work -- and we'll also go check out Cinco de Mayo (my second time). We had to stop by the office today to pick up the book poster for the event, so we drove past Cinco on the way. It was PACKED! They must be minting money. Wow. The weather both yesterday and today couldn't have been better -- beautiful blue skies and HOT, too.

I hope Cinco's success is a good sign for us!