April 26th, 2013

Jesus wept

Sad For My Friend...

One of my dear friends here at LiveJournal (Donna pondhopper) just lost her beloved dog, Brownie. She had him for 15 years and he was family to her.

When I got word I just burst into tears. I was sobbing so hard I couldn't stop. I feel awful for her...

She had already lost Brownie's brother, Blackie -- and has had issues with Brownie for some time. But I keep thinking of all the wonderful photos she's shared in the time I've known her. Brownie was a much-loved and well-cared-for pet that seemed to be very happy.

I've lost many beloved pets of my own over the years, so I know how terrible this pain can be. When both Indy and April died (read HERE for April and HERE for Indy) back in 2005, I actually cried every day for six months. That may sound extreme, but it was awful to be without a cat after having two for 14 years straight (and Indy for 15). Marilyn and I still miss those two cats -- and also Kittie Scarlett (even though we only had her for one short year).

My heart goes out to Donna. If you don't have pets and have never felt this deep emotion, you might not get it (I've known a lot of people in my lifetime who have thought feeling this way about animals was crazy). But for many of us, our pets are an important part of our family and we're very attached to them.

I believe our pets go to heaven. I know many religions say this isn't true. But for me, it wouldn't be heaven if our pets weren't there with us. So I prefer to keep on believing that one day I'll see them all again and be able to pet and love them.

And I'm sure Donna will have Brownie in her lap again...


Marilyn's Poor Legs...

I was fast asleep when I woke suddenly, hearing Marilyn just screaming in pain (!!!). My heart was really pounding, I'm telling you!

She had to be on her feet for hours yesterday (on even ground much of the time) -- and her poor legs have been really suffering. Then while she was sleeping tonight, she got terrible leg cramps. She's fallen back asleep, but I'm worried that it will happen again. (sigh)

It's bad enough to have to keep the long, long hours she has to keep -- and to have the tons of stress she lives with this time of year. (She has a lot of responsibility and stress all year round, really, but it's much worse in April, May and June.) But when you add something like this to the mix, it's a wonder she can function.

Yes, I frequently end up mentioning how Marilyn impresses me. But for those who know her, there's no surprise there. I'm far from the only person impressed by Marilyn. She's an amazing person. And she's really a humble person, too.

The festival is very fortunate to have her working there. She's more than just a good employee. She's dedicated and passionate. She's creative. She's a wonderful leader -- a person others can trust and turn to.

Sue and I feel lucky to have Marilyn as our 'baby' sister. She's extremely good to us.

I hope her poor legs settle down and the pain eases off. She needs all the rest she can get, believe me! And we're planning to work at the office this weekend, so we can both do some much-needed catching up.

We're only weeks out from the festival. Please keep us in your thoughts (and prayers) as we move closer to May (!!!). By the end of June we'll be ready to relax -- and start looking toward next year. (grin)

Maybe this summer Marilyn will start blogging here at LiveJournal again -- and all my friends will have the chance to know her better. She's got a great sense of humor and is a lot fun. And her entries (when she makes them) are often very clever! I love it when she's able to find time to blog...

Well, I wanted to report on what all I got done in the way of work both yesterday and today -- but maybe I'll just save that for tomorrow (Saturday).

Have a great weekend, everyone!