April 18th, 2013


News Webpages that AUTOMATICALLY Play Videos? Don't Do It !

Somebody needs to tell the various NEWS services that people don't appreciate pages that AUTOMATICALLY start playing a video when you navigate to it.

Personally, I can't CLOSE such pages fast enough! I was shocked to see ABC doing this. I frequently avoid Huffington Post because of the practice. I'd prefer NOT to be using Fox news, but at least they offer you the option to watch or not (and don't automatically play video). CNN offers the option, as well. Unfortunately, CBS news also auto-plays.

There are so many GOOD reasons NOT to auto-play videos... (sigh) I expect seeing a YouTube link to mean I'm linking a video -- but it's bad practice for News services. I wish the trend didn't seem to be for all of them to go that direction. What can they be thinking???

I guess if anyone who worked there (and made these decisions) had ever awakened a sick person or child (or baby) with the sudden noise from such a video, they'd 'get it.'

Or maybe NOT.

I tend to assume people naturally have good sense and understand when they should use it -- but I'm frequently wrong about this assumption.

What's the advantage of FORCING video on us, as opposed to letting us decide to view (or not)? Yes, in some cases it appears to be laziness -- where they don't bother to offer a text-version, as well as video. But when you ARE offering both, what's the motivation for auto-play video?

Well, I wanted to actually locate some NEWS I'd seen on TV -- and share it online (via a link). But I couldn't easily and quickly find what I wanted that didn't automatically play a video, so now I'm simply not going to bother... (sigh)

Does this go back to the assumption that people don't care to READ the news??? Because I think there are many people who still want to read news items! And just because I do read news, doesn't mean I don't want video -- I'm something of a 'news junkie' -- and we often have news on our TV here at home (and at the office, too).

But when it come to online, I still want to be 'in charge' of my own experience, thanks. Just sayin'...


Loving "Dallas"...

Marilyn and I have been watching a lot of "Dallas" lately. Gosh, we're really loving that show. And it's always fun to really be hung up on some TV series... (smile) That's actually the story of my life -- the best times have frequently been wrapped up in some television show.

I even went and searched for some fanfic online. And we're both thinking we'd like to write some "Dallas" fic...

I even sort of started a couple paragraphs of a fic today -- not many words, granted. But it seemed pretty natural. Probably because I was writing a scene where Christopher Ewing was out riding -- and anything even slightly like a Western is right up my alley. (grin) When it comes to short stories, I lean toward Westerns frequently. I was writing them a lot when we had our writing circle active...

I've read a lot of Western fiction in my life, by the way. And I used to love to ride, just for the record. Of course, I was raised on classic TV Westerns, like "The Big Valley," "Bonanza" and so on...

Anything that gets us writing again is a good thing, anyway. I miss writing fiction and fanfics. It seems like we only get to write for work now.

But we're both thinking of writing "Dallas" fic, like I said, so who knows? It could be fun!