March 31st, 2013

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"Morning Has Broken" -- A Hymn First Published in 1931

First off, THANK YOU, Donna pondhopper, for sharing the YouTube of Cat Stevens singing "Morning Has Broken." Like most people, I thought this was HIS song -- I had no clue it was an old hymn that he made famous...

There's a nice blog entry HERE (by Rev. Paul McKay) that talks about it. You can also read about it HERE (at Wikipedia). Also, you can see the YouTube video HERE -- which I really like because it has lovely images to view while listening, plus all of the lyrics displayed.

Fascinating for me to THINK about Jesus while hearing the song. Maybe I knew that at some time in the past, but if so, I'd forgotten it. But read over the lyrics -- we're absolutely talking about Spring -- and the Resurrection of Christ...

Morning Has Broken
(lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon)

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the Word

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where His feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the One Light, Eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day

What an amazingly perfect song for Easter! Believe me, I have several others that I love, but this one will now be included in that list for the future.

Happy Easter !

I hope you all have a lovely day this Sunday. Blessings to those who believe -- and joy to all of you. Spring is a wonderful time for all of us!
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Back Home (in Portland), TV Update: "TWD" and "Revenge" PLUS Ants (!!!) -- Oh, No!

Marilyn and I didn't quite manage to get away from the beach house as early as we'd planned to. But we did 'hit the road' before 12:30 -- so the traffic really wasn't all that bad on the drive home to Portland. (And we were here before 3:00 p.m.)

The cats were really good both going down and coming back, by the way! Good boys! Interestingly, both Colin and Henry were EXHAUSTED by their ride, though, and spent the day sleeping it off. (smile)

Unfortunately, we have ANTS (yes, again). We've had some warm weather, so it's brought them out. They're in the kitchen (as always) -- but not too heavily. There's little in the way of food to attract them there, since we quit feeding the cats in the kitchen ages ago. And we're good about always rinsing out bowls, dishes, glasses and cups before putting them in the sink. Nor do we leave food sitting out, as a rule. I've been seeing them down by the water bowl for the cats -- which is odd, as WATER normally doesn't attract them (???). Hopefully they'll stay away. They end up drowning themselves. And I don't mind if they're suicidal, but the cats certainly don't want to drink them!

I'll need to treat outside the front door -- they seem to be coming from around the front porch (often happens).

Downstairs seems more serious, though! They're coming in from the window in Marilyn's bedroom (!!!) and all the way into the family room to where we now feed the cats! They're focusing on one of two places, thankfully -- so we still have an area where the cats can eat without ants in the way. Mind you, cats won't eat from a dish that has ants in it! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the ants don't discover the second food source before I can get rid of them, please. (sigh)

I went out in the dark with a flashlight and some ant product and spread it in the window well. The product is old and might not still work, I'm afraid. (sigh) I used up the last of it -- I guess we need to get more. It's an interesting poison that is tiny round pellets you sprinkle around the foundation (etc.) of the house. I frankly didn't find it effective last year -- so, again, this product might be too old. I recall it working well the year before... I've also used the Terro Ant Killer product on a post-it that I've put on the window sill -- I need to keep it away from the cats, because it's a dangerous (if very effective) product. It's a thick liquid (like honey). You put a spot like a nickle on something flat, then put it where the ants can find it. They gather it back to the nest and it not only kills the ants that ingest it, but it helps kill off the nest. Sometimes, however, they fail to find it (not sure why) -- then, obviously, it's not effective. Getting them to find it and go to it is the hard part.

Meanwhile, I've moved the main set of dishes away from the usual spot -- but left food there to continue drawing the ants. If I move it, they'll go hunting and might find the other food source! We'll see if the treatments work. If not, it's time to get other stuff (maybe the same products, but new -- both of these are old containers) -- or try something different. But it's good to start dealing with them right away, before there are more (and more!) of them.

I'm going to talk about BOTH "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" now -- so if you don't want me to SPOIL for you, please quit reading now!!!


I actually cried when they killed Andrea on TWD. I'm still shocked that they did it. I know she wasn't a popular character, but both Marilyn and I really liked her. She was a STRONG WOMAN -- and you'd think that other women would like that (they apparently don't). I remember talking about this with someone close recently, by the way -- referring to another strong female on a TV show. I thought this woman would relate to this reality TV woman, but she didn't...

Women often surprise me. We want to be able to be strong -- without being seen as being 'bitches' (which is so common with strong women). And yet WOMEN are often the FIRST to be down on strong women! Does that make sense???

As a strong woman, I'm often trying to be careful not to be a bitch -- or appear to be bitchy. It's not always easy, by the way... When men are strong we ADMIRE them! It's such a double standard, even now. Believe me, I remember the days when women were burning their bras and first seeking equal pay. A lot has changed. But maybe not ENOUGH... (sigh)

It always makes me mad when women are their own worst enemies, by the way. It's one thing to blame men, but often it's other women -- and not men -- keeping women down.

Surprised the Governor survived tonight. I wonder why?

As for "Revenge," it was time for Padma to go. She was unpopular (as I've discussed before) and was NOT good for the character of Nolan Ross -- who is very popular! I still don't care for Jack, who is even more unlikable now that Amanda is dead (I actually miss Amanda a lot). Conrad and Victoria remain entertaining (as always). I'm surprised by the whole thing with Victoria having another son. Marilyn and I have been waiting for them to bring in Conrad's son (from his first marriage)... Odd. Aiden and Daniel are still hot (whew).

An aside: Why can't Conrad Grayson and Sue Ellen Ewing both be Governors??? I'd vote for them! Hahahahahaha.

Next weekend is Marilyn's birthday (April 7), so we'll be heading right back to the beach house for that. In the meantime, we enjoyed our short trip this weekend.

Oh!!! And we had a couple dozen (or so) lady bugs in the area between the sliding glass door and the screen door! Very freaky! It was warm, so we would have liked to open that door up -- but we didn't want them getting in the house. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but we had quite an issue with them in the house last spring. (I'll explain that in more detail at some point...) So far we've only seen a few actually in the house -- and it would be nice to keep it that way!

Lady bugs in Seaside and ants in Portland! (yikes) I could do without either, thanks.

Back to work tomorrow...

ALSO: What gives, LiveJournal? Apparently when I put up my 'Mood' it frequently posts incorrectly!!! Why even bother if it doesn't work right??? (sigh)