March 29th, 2013


Colored My Hair for Easter! (woo hoo)

You might recall I was planning to go to the office today...

Well, I stayed home. I was still able to do some IT and website stuff (plus organization of my email), but I had time to COLOR MY HAIR, which really needed it! (woo hoo) Now it will look nice for Easter.

The plan is to leave soon for the beach house, by the way. (June and Jim will be home this weekend and are going to keep an eye on the house for us -- so no worries there. Isn't that sweet of them?) It's been weeks since we've been down, so we're pretty excited to go!

Yeah, we have to come back on Sunday (Easter), but that's okay. We'll still get two night there, after all!

We need to get a chance to walk on the beach and get our toes in the sand. (grin)

We're almost 100% packed -- Marilyn just needs to finish (she's only been home a short time).

Then we'll grab the cats and the food we're taking along and off we'll go!

We attended Mass in Seaside last year, so we plan to do that again this year. And the weather is supposed to be lovely this weekend -- and it's currently beautiful here at the Portland house. Sunny, with blue skies!