March 28th, 2013


Dinner to Celebrate!

Marilyn and I got good news when she had her taxes done today -- so we went out for Mexican food to celebrate when she (finally) got home from work. And right now I have a little buzz on, which feels great, I have to tell you!

I've wanted to get a bit buzzed all week, as it's been BRUTAL with tons of work and a lot of deadlines. But it was worth waiting for tonight. (smile)

We'd been worried that we were going to owe a lot to taxes (think thousands). We did owe more than $400 to the feds, but we're getting money back from the state, so it's all good...

Lately there have been a lot of financial concerns (mostly dental, to the tune of more the $5,000, all told). The fridge in the kitchen is acting up -- heaven help us if it goes out, considering what they cost to replace! We have to refrigerators in the house -- and both are OLD. The one in the kitchen was here when we moved in. So we don't even know how old it is. But it's colored, the way they used to do back in the 70's and 80's, so it might not be ridiculous to think it's that old. The one in our laundry/utility room is the one we had in our last house -- and it was really cheap to begin with (and is white and very simple). Yeah, it would be fun to have stainless in the kitchen, but what the hell. I'd rather this one hung in there and we could hold on to our $$$, thanks very much. Hahahahaha.

Plus something bad is going on with the electrical in this house. I think the switch is going out in my bathroom -- or has a short or something. Sometimes when you turn on the lights, they simply don't turn on. Then you throw the switch up and down and up and down to get it to work. Worrisome. The light on the front porch burns out far too quickly -- so we're replacing the light bulb constantly (sometimes every couple of days). Right not it's burnt out and we're just leaving it that way...

The other night we had a false alarm. Well, very early morning (around 4:30 a.m.). Wow, that really gets your heart pumping, believe me! It takes some time afterwards to calm down again. (And poor Colin was scared out of his wits. Little wonder!) I spent half an hour on the phone with the security company trying to reason out WHY it had gone off. But it would cost $$$ to have somebody out, so unless it happens again, we'll just let it go for now... (The concern with false alarms is really about when they end up sending the police out -- because they fine you if it's not an actual incident.) So as long as we're home for a false alarm, it's fine -- because we can speak to them on the phone an avoid the police being sent.

I need to put up a post that just covers all the TONS of work I did both yesterday and today. But I'm buzzed right now and ready for a nap -- so it's going to happen later (or tomorrow). Again, this was a crazy-busy week, and I accomplished a TON. Especially these past two days. (So think back to my entry on Tuesday and imagine me doing even more than I did that day -- which will give you an idea of my week so far.)

Also, I did go to both the dentist and the doctor's office on Wednesday. I had two cavities filled with Mary -- and when she gave me my shot she hit a nerve. Wow, did that hurt! It felt just like someone had stuck a huge needle into my tongue (and it still hurts today). But I've got one appointment left with her, then my dental should finally be done. (woo hoo) And I had my lab work done at the clinic (both fasting blood and urine) at 2:00. I was certainly hungry by the time I got back home, I'm telling you...

I got the garbage and recycling and composting done for today (it's a 'not real' garbage week -- we don't put out actual garbage until next week). Most of it was done before dark, which is usually my goal.

Well, off to read my new book download, "World War Z." Danielle told Marilyn what a good book it was, so that convinced me to buy it. I wavered quite a bit as it was $12 (!!!), but I currently am working on a gift card I earned at Amazon, so at least it didn't cost me actual money. I like zombie books and have read quite a few, so I'm curious to see how this one compares.

And now I'm almost napping as I type this. (smile)

Oh! I did have EWTN on almost all day long, so I got to enjoy the Chrism Mass from the Vatican to start my day -- plus many other Maundy Thursday shows. I haven't mentioned Lent all that much this year, but it's not because I'm ignoring it. In fact, I'll go do my readings before I hit the zombie novel!

I hope all is well with my friends. I need to catch up -- I haven't read in days. (sigh) Maybe tomorrow...