March 25th, 2013


"Dallas" -- Spoiler Alert! (So Sad...)

If you don't want to read, please avoid. I'm going to talk about tonight's episode of "Dallas," so consider yourself warned...









First, let me mention that Marilyn and I are currently watching "Revolution" (which has been on hiatus). We like this show. Not the way we like "Revenge" or "Dallas," but we do enjoy it...

"Dallas" was brutal tonight. After all, we just had a major death (J.R.) -- but tonight Pamela and Christopher's babies died, as well. Very sad... I'm a little shocked that they killed them off.

I've been hating Cliff Barnes for as long as I can remember. And, NO, he's not a character I 'love to hate' -- I don't like him in any way, shape or form. And I never have. One of the disgusting things about the original "Dallas" TV series was that this man got to BEAT the Ewing family, which to me is utterly ridiculous! His appearance at J.R.'s wake??? Appalling. You have to feel sorry for Pamela that this man is her father...

Of course, there's a rumor that perhaps J.R. is actually her father (he had an affair with her mother). Considering John Ross seems to be in love with Pamela, that would be an unhappy turn of affairs, if true...

On the Home front (smile), I got a lot done today. Festival work (both website and IT) and other stuff...

I also took June's paperwork back to her and we discussed her son. I feel really bad for her, but things could be worse. I'm praying for June, but that's nothing new -- I'm always praying for her.

And thanks to sister Sue I was able to go to Freddies and buy a box (the small one -- 25 only) of test strips for my blood meter. (I was close to out of strips, and won't be getting more until the end of April.) So I need to use them carefully, needless to say. The thing is, when I'm having low readings (like I was for weeks), I was testing several times a day. I guess I really only get enough supplies to test once a day (and now and then twice). How that's supposed to work to really monitor my blood readings is beyond me. But after paying almost $38 for a box of 25 strips, I'm stunned at how expensive these are! If I'd bought the 50 strip size it would have been $75! Can you believe that? They really can't create these strips for less than that? Or they just like making money that much???

Sue's granddaughter Nicole turned 15 on Sunday. Wow, times sure flies...

I spent a lot of time going through my blog at LiveJournal today. I was looking for certain entries in 2012 -- unfortunately a lot of these simply DID NOT EXIST. I was a bad blogger last year! It's sad, because we had so much going on, and I didn't record hardly any of it. (sigh) Well, actually that's not entirely true. I blogged every day, from August through December. And every day in January. But February through July were terrible. I only blogged one day in June last year! Shocking to me. I hope I never let that happen again.

It's really meaningful to me when I can go back and check some part of my life via my blog. Knowing when things happen matters to me, so I need to keep on blogging, no matter what...

Can I say I'm annoyed they killed off Danny on "Revolution"??? (sigh)

This is a long entry, but I had other things I wanted to include. Seeing as it's now past 11:00, I'm done for today.