March 23rd, 2013

cat kneading, happy cat

A Really Lazy Saturday...

Marilyn and I spent a really LAZY Saturday. But it was a long, busy week, so I guess it makes sense, frankly...

We played games on our iPads and watched TV and took naps. That about it...

I did do a little bit of work on the festival website at one point, but nothing much to speak of. And I didn't really look at my email or read or anything.

My eyes have been bothering me a little bit this week, probably from looking at the computer screen so much. But I gave them a 'rest' yesterday and today by wearing my glasses all day, rather than my contacts. Them seem better tonight.

I forgot to mention that I went over to see friend June (our neighbor) yesterday. We had a long talk about her son Jim-Jim. I feel sorry for June, as things aren't good with him -- and he's refusing to have anything at all to do with her. I guess all we can do is pray for him. Poor June. I pray for her and her husband, Jim all the time. There was good news about Jim, who will not need heart surgery after all! If any of you are inclined, good thoughts (and/or prayers) for June (and son Jim-Jim) are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sister Sue has a cold, I'm afraid. I hope she's better soon!

And that's my pretty boring entry for today!