March 22nd, 2013

clap, Jesus clap

"The American Bible Challenge" on GSN

Sister Sue phoned me to turn on the Game Show Network and watch "The American Bible Challenge." Sue spends a lot of time watching GSN.

I've never seen this show before (I do NOT spend time watching GSN... hahahahahaha...). According to Wikipedia: The show's premiere episode, on August 23, 2012, debuted as GSN’s highest-rated program of all time. GSN announced American Bible Challenge brought in 2.3 million total viewers for the night, which was the largest in its 17-year history.

I'm pleased that I've actually known a lot of the answers (though not all, by any means). I love the Sisters of Mary team (comprised of actual Catholic sisters). They just won this episode (no surprise to me!).

Jeff Foxworthy is a very likable guy, you know that? Just sayin'...

it management gotta

Issues with the VOIP/Shoretel Phones at Work

Today I got to spend a couple of hours (plus) on the issues with our phones at the office. Boy, are they screwed up! And the resolution may end up taking more time and costing us some support $$$. But Marilyn will help me resolve it, one way or another...

When we moved into the new building, our old Tech Support guy (old meaning 'not current') recommended the phone system we ended up buying -- and the company we bought from. VOIP was all the rage, so there was probably no question about going that way -- even though there are some considerable drawbacks to these phones.

We've had issues from the beginning, but I guess for the most part they're fine. Right now? They're a mess. And it's hard tracking down WHY, exactly...

Inflow sold us the phones. They also provide our maintenance contract. That's one element.

Integra provides our internet connection. I thought (???) they also provided our phone service. Maybe that's true, because the phones are VOIP (voice over IP). Anyway, that's another element.

Broadvox provides the actual lines we use (which are numerous). That's another element.

We also had a phone specialist company in the mix on and off. So that's the final element.

There's a Phone Server in our IT Room, and a Shoretel switch. Chris from Inflow implied today that Integra has some piece of equipment there, too -- but if so, I don't recall ever seeing it. It's possible, though, because that room is a MESS of various switches and so on -- cables and cords all over the place in a very small space...

Anyway, hopefully this can be resolved, because right now the phones are so bad Marilyn had Christine turn them OFF (!!!).

We've been here before, when we first got in the building. We had to pick between internet and phones, and decided internet was more important -- and that people could use their cell phones until the whole thing was resolved. So we'll do that again, if we have to...

The big shame is not having Comcast, as we did before -- considering they could provide everything (including TV) for us. Oh well...

I wonder if I'll need to bring Kris in to help again next week. Marilyn's talking about restarting the Phone Server again, so that's probably YES (as it's very complicated to do that). No point in worrying about it this weekend, anyway. So I guess I'll put it out of my mind until Monday! (smile)