March 19th, 2013


"Dallas" -- the Original TV Series

Marilyn has been home sick this week (Monday and Tuesday), fighting a cold (or some other virus). She has to go back tomorrow no matter what, as she has a speaking engagement about the Arcadia book...

Anyway, we've been needing to go to Walmart for ages (weeks), and we finally did that last night. While we were there she found the DVD set of Dallas" (the 1978 TV series) -- seasons one and two. So she decided to buy it... (smile)

We just finished watching the very first episode -- very entertaining!

I find it interesting that neither Marilyn nor I use to find Bobby attractive in those days -- but we think he's VERY attractive now, as an older man! And though we did find J.R. attractive, we found him much more so on the new series (sorry if that's shocking for anyone!).

(Driving home from Walmart we had a long discussion about the sexual attraction of J.R. -- and how aging only seemed to add to his appeal.)

So, in other news, we watched the movie "The Extra Man," with an amazing performance by Kevin Kline and good performance by Paul Dano. It was an odd film, but worth seeing, regardless.