March 18th, 2013


"The Biggest Loser" -- Dani Wins!

Marilyn (sister Sue) and I just finished watching the season finale of "The Biggest Loser" (season 14). Let me start by saying this was probably our favorite season ever -- and we liked almost all of the contestants this time around! The addition of the kids was great, by the way. And it was wonderful having Jillian back!

Marilyn and I were pulling for Jackson to be one of the final three -- we just love that guy! (The first openly gay contestant on the show.) But we loved Joe, too, for the record.

And we were pleased to see Gina win the $100,000 at home prize, which we think she deserved. She was a weight-loss leader the entire season. (Plus we admired her for her strength as a woman -- and for what she did at her age, too...)

Jeff wasn't one of our favorite contestants, but we still liked him.

But we were pulling all season long for Danni -- and we were THRILLED that she won! (So, two women took the top prizes. That's amazing. I remember ages ago when I blogged that a woman could never win this show. How wrong was I??? Hahahahaha.)

All three of the kids Lindsay, Biingo and Sunny, were incredible (and all lost more than 40 pounds). What an inspiration for kids everywhere!

I have to admit I hated how Danni's hair looked for the finals (!!!) -- and host Alison Sweeney's hair looked terrible, too. (Plus Alison wears the WORST clothes -- every week I wonder if she'll be dressed in something decent, but she never quite gets there. What a shame... sigh...) As Marilyn said, they have bad stylists for this show -- it's certainly not their strong suit.

Anyway, the two hours flew by and it was a perfect end to a perfect season!