March 15th, 2013

no way lj, lj -- no way

Damn LiveJournal, Anyway!!! What's Up Here???

I actually spent some time at LiveJournal yesterday -- because I was so appalled by the reported CHANGES (from lj_releases).

I also posted a short entry VERY EARLY in day (at least for me) -- I generally end up posting late at night (and frequently right before midnight, because I have such a hard time finding a moment to blog).

I'm FURIOUS to see that my entry from yesterday that I assumed had posted DID NOT POST. I have no clue WHY. When I went to the Update page, I was given the option to Restore from Draft. Really??? I'd entered the tags and the whole nine yards, so there's no way I hadn't finished this blog entry and clicked the Post button!!!

You know, LiveJournal is a mess right now.

They're making changes that nobody wants -- and they refuse to listen to the TONS of complaints that people make. Yesterday in reading about the new release, I didn't see a single person who was happy with the new LJ. I just don't get it...

And then my actual entry doesn't post. Really??? I mean, what's that about???

So I had to back date it and try to recall the exact time I wrote it. And I'm sure that's confusing to all my friends. But it WAS written yesterday! At first when I went to my blog I thought, "Gosh, I forgot to post yesterday. That's odd..." Then there was the Restore from Draft? thing: And when the entry came up, I remembered that I certainly HAD posted! So very annoying...

By the way, I'm dealing with one of the screwy aspects of LiveJournal right now: When you post a larger entry (I almost always do), and it gets to the bottom of the page, it doesn't scroll down properly. Instead it does weird jumping around -- or the text goes below the bottom of the visible page. That really, really sucks.

And the default font is hard to view. And too small. Not everyone who blogs at LJ has perfect vision, LJ Admin. Should we even bother to tell you that???

My cursor just disappeared again. (sigh)

Well, I had a different entry in mind for today (Friday), but now I'm to annoyed to bother with it. It's late and we haven't had dinner, so I guess I'll go. (Yeah, yeah, I know it's closing on midnight. But, no, we haven't had dinner. Maybe I'll explain tomorrow... maybe not...)

LiveJournal not working well isn't the end of the world, obviously. But it's strange that it has issues that are as annoying as back when I first used to blog here!!! I mean, how can it possibly be true that things are worse than when I first joined LiveJournal back in 2002???

I don't want to see LJ die out. But I'm seriously concerned.