March 14th, 2013


Dental Work Yesterday (Wednesday)

I went to my Wednesday appointment with Mary (my dentist) yesterday. (Yes, I do go to the dentist most weeks at 2:00 on Wednesday... I'll be glad when I finally get done!) Sister Sue was kind enough to take me.

I'd phoned the specialist on Tuesday, wondering if they needed to see me again. My oral surgery was one week before (also on Tuesday), and I was surprised by several things:

  • That I still was running a fever
  • That I was still having pain
  • That I was still very bruised on my left cheek
  • That my blood sugar has been elevated (I'm guessing by all of the above)
I spoke only to the receptionist (who I think is actually the business manager for the office). She said this was all 'normal' and that I shouldn't worry for at least another week.

I knew I was seeing Mary, so I figured I could ask her. She felt I was infected and needed more antibiotics (surprise), so I'm on another prescription. I would love to kick the fever, because it makes me crazy. And considering how good my blood counts have been, it's disappointing to be high right now.

Mary got a pleasant surprise -- she was expecting to finish the root canal that had been done during my oral surgery, but the specialist was able to do it while I was there. Anyway, that meant she was able to do the crown for the tooth on the upper right hand side of my mouth. I was really excited to get this done!

I've been having a hard time chewing, with a tooth I had to protect from breaking (the one she put the crown on) on the right side of my mouth, and the extraction (and root canal beside it) on the left side of my mouth. She put on a stainless crown -- and I love these! It doesn't show, because it's so far back in the mouth. And it's so smooth to the prodding tongue. Finally, I've been known to break other crowns! There's no way that will happen with a metal crown. (smile) So yesterday was good, finally being able to chew normally again. (woo hoo)

If any of you live in the Portland area -- or nearby -- I'd highly recommend Mary as a dentist. Let me know if you'd like to have info on how to contact her. She's almost always accepting new patients. She's very 'pain free' about her approach. And there's something really comforting about her. She's been doing my dental work for more than a decade, and I just love her...