March 8th, 2013


Busy Day at the Office -- Worked Late...

It's now around 10:40 p.m. -- and Marilyn and I just got home from the office. Today was another busy (and long) day... (I actually rode mass transit to the office today. I took a bus to a transit station, then MAX downtown. Then I walked several blocks over to the office. I got some exercise, and that's no joke.)

Anyway, Marilyn and I are excited about this weekend! We're going to take tomorrow OFF work. We hope to sleep in and goof off all day. (Well, we might do some cleaning and laundry around here, but that's still not actual work-work.)

We do have to spend Sunday doing a final proof of the book -- but at least we can do that here at home! (Just like last weekend, actually.)

Well, I'm starved. We did go have lunch today, but that was HOURS ago. So I think I'll find some leftovers to eat...