March 7th, 2013


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My mouth is still painful, even though it is clearly healing. The sooner the better with that, considering it's drivinf me crazy not to really be able to eat much of anything (because of the wound of the dental extraction). I felt lousy today and a touch feverish, but whatever. I spent much of the day lying down reading or sleeping, so I can't really complain...

I faced a big IT emergency last night. Someone 'moved' a bunch of the Starlight subfolders from the event folder -- and I again had to hunt for and move these back where they belonged. Annoying as hell, but at least I found them!

I need some plan going forward. I have no clue what to do. It's really frustrating. How can I get people to be more careful?

Well, I did do a little bit of festival work this afternoon, including a tutorial for our 'How To' area at the website. AND I got the garbage and recycling done. Speaking of, some PIG came by and left a box of garbage out by our cans! I guess figuring we wouldn't see it, but would be charged for the additional hauling fee... Disgusting. I moved the box, but now what? Just leave that crap out there???

Marilyn worked really late, not getting home until 9:00 p.m. tonight... She's really tired out and sleeping now, little wonder...

Nicole has a seriously ingrown toenail -- this is no joking matter. It's being treated tomorrow, thankfully... And sister Sue is retaining water again...

Well, I'm going to the office tomorrow. Lots to do!

[Written on my iPad.]