March 5th, 2013


Bad Day? Yes, Pretty Much...

On the way to the office this morning, I got a call from the specialist -- Kay was asking if I could come in early, at 10:30. (My appointment was originally set for 1:00.) Marilyn and I got to the office and there were immediately IT issues to deal with. I was chatting with Shelley and Marilyn reminds me to phone and say 'yes' to the appointment change, which I did. I did deal with the issue where the Admin printer wasn't working (and a couple other things). Then Marilyn took me to my appointment. It was raining, but I was ready to walk back to the office if I had to. Marilyn was kind enough to stay with me the whole time, however. She rocks!

From the second I got to the building, things went BAD.

I'm in a lot of PAIN right now... But I'll try and make sense! So, anyway, my root canal was twice the cost of Marilyn's root canal -- meaning a fortune, frankly. (If you're thinking thousands of dollars, then you're getting it.) But it turns out I had TWO bad teeth -- not just one. So the original quote was for far over $3,000 (!!!) for both root canals.

Good heavens! Seriously??? I actually started to cry over the cost (and I'm not even ashamed to admit it). Pain? Two root canals? Not bothered by those things at all. But the bill? Horrible!

So the original root canal (I'll call this part three, as I've had it worked on for three weeks straight prior to this) finally gets done. And the dentist makes a point of saying really nice things about Mary four times during the time I'm there -- along with saying this was hard to do and he could see why she was unable to do it... The other tooth (which was TERRIBLY infected) got extracted, because even though that was $400 (!!!), it was far cheaper than doing a root canal.

(So much for all the hopes and prayers spent on this during the past month. Again, it's not about the pain or other discomfort of the procedures today -- or previous work. I was okay with that. But the cost is just a daunting thing.)

On the amusing side, I'm supposed to avoid chewing on the left side, where I had the extraction. And avoid most foods, as well. Of course, I'm already avoiding chewing on the right side, where I had a different root canal -- because that tooth needs a crown and could very easily be broken. I had yogurt and soup late this afternoon (I was starving by then). And I'm guessing that's what I'll be having for several days.

I'm not supposed to have alcohol for at least 48 hours, according to what they told me. But I just checked this out online and the usual time is 24 hours. Believe me, in 24 hours I'll be drinking. Part of me wants to do it right now, frankly...

I may actually break down and take pain meds, as I'm hurting.

I would have stayed at work, but Marilyn insisted I come home. She was right, as always, now that I'm no longer numb.

In other news, we only saw around half of "Dallas" last night -- so don't spoil for me! Kidding, I already know the BIG news from last night. Sad.

On that note, where the hell is my Kindle? I'm done for today.