January 30th, 2013


Festival Office -- Website Record?

Went to the office with Marilyn this morning. We were there by 7:30 a.m. (Marilyn had two important -- and long -- meetings), and worked until 7:00 p.m. tonight. (We did take a break to walk and get lunch at Subway -- and I went for Starbucks in the afternoon. But that was it.)

Cousin Linda came by during the day. She's asked Marilyn for money (!!!), so she wasn't about to miss the chance to get it. I did take her aside and have a talk with her and explain about our change in finances in 2013. There's no way we can afford to hand her money like this each month, but I doubt she gets it. Marilyn is very generous: She never says no to Linda. And she never gives her less than she asks for (and often gives her more). I understand the Christian ethic and the moral reasons for helping her. But it's hard not to feel that she takes advantage of the situation and doesn't really understand that we're not made of money. (sigh) I love my cousin, but she does have a sister and mother she can turn to, aside from the two of us. (We also just gave her piles of clothes -- including a leather jacket -- found her a curling iron when she asked for it and leggings that she needed, plus household items. So we do try to help in every way we can...) Oh well. I guess everyone has someone like this in their life -- it's not just us.

I did work on the computer Donn and I have been setting up as a spare piece of equipment, adding software (that's multi-disk and takes ages to load). But mostly I worked on the festival website. Steven is amazing! He turned in a TON of updates -- and to pages that I've never had before May (!!!) in all the years I've been working on the website. The guy is a rock star, no doubt about it.

Of course, I was rather impressive, too, frankly. Because I was grinding out the coding and getting the changes done almost as fast as he could send them to me. We were, in other words, quite a team! (smile)

So the website is miles ahead of previous years in many ways...

Of course, we have a whole new policy this year: If a sponsor doesn't have a signed contract with us, we're pulling them DOWN from the website until such time as they do. In past years we would generally update the sponsor section of pages probably twice -- with additional changes when we suddenly got an important sponsor. The goal is to please our sponsors, of course, because we can't do business without them. But there have been times when we didn't add up a sponsor who came in really late until the actual festival was partway -- or all the way -- done. (I get busy on other tasks during festival, so sometimes it's not possible to do website changes at that point.) I'm curious to see how this new policy works out. I think it's going to mean putting up each sponsor as they sign (pay) -- and that could mean putting my hands on each page over and over and over again. That's not ideal, to say the least.

Still, I like the idea of placing a high value on being at our website, because I think that's as it should be. We get tons of requests annually from people who want to be linked, but you have to be a sponsor or partner for that. I think our sponsors really do understand what it means to be at our site, so I can't help being pleased. We've worked hard for this -- and a lot of it is my personal effort since 2007.

I had soup from Subway for lunch and leftover soup (from my lunch yesterday) for dinner. And Rich and I did get Starbucks (I had tea) in the afternoon.

Here's something SHOCKING: I'm actually cutting back on my use of salt. No, no -- you don't get it, I'm sure. I'm a salt ADDICT. Always have been. No apologies at all. But right now food is tasting good to me without it (or with a lot less of it), so I guess I'll go with it while it lasts. I don't believe salt is nearly as bad for you as all the reports, though. Marilyn and I saw an interesting documentary about this years ago (wish I had it now) that explained this -- and why the government got so involved in the 'salt is bad' thing. Anyway, bad for you or not, why not see what happens?

Years back I gave up caffeine for a few of months. I wanted to see if I noticed ANY benefits at all, which I didn't. Since that time I've discovered the many, many benefits of caffeine, so I'd never do that again. (At one point I did a ton of research on this, so if anyone is interested, I'm totally prepared to share what I discovered. It's neither here nor there: If you don't care to use caffeine, that's fine. But if you want to use it, it probably has more benefits than you could possibly imagine!) The thing is, changing things up doesn't hurt. You don't have to do anything FOREVER -- but you can at least try it. That's me and salt right now. I somehow doubt I'll stay with it, after a lifetime of major salt use. But, heck, you never know! If I see benefits, then maybe I'll make the change a permanent one...

My other thing right now is drinking more water. That's nothing strange for me, really. I've had a lot of times when I drank mostly water (or only water). But I do love pop and coffee and tea, so it's usually a mix of these for me, beverage-wise. I think people can and do overdo the drinking water thing, by the way. Yes, you can drink too much water, even if you don't believe that! This is another one of those things that people have latched on to and blown entirely out of proportion. Marilyn keeps up on all this stuff, so I trust her to keep me informed. (smile)

I've been reading Andrew Greeley's "Jesus: A Meditation on His Stories and His Relationships with Women" -- which I actually have as a book (not a Kindle download). Last night I was at the part of this book that singles out the four greatest parables, which Greeley feels best illustrate the infinite love and mercy of God. It was so cool to have him explain these and his reasoning! It was like a light went on and I could SEE exactly what he meant! And it was wonderful. I love the way this man thinks. I've always loved his novels, and I can happily say his non-fiction is a delight to read, as well. By the way, women should read this book -- it's very empowering for females!

Of course, I'm reading several books on my Kindle right now, too. I guess there's never been a time in my life where I was only reading one book. Actually, I'm rarely reading less than five to six books at a time. (grin)

Well, I'm more than ready for a nap now. It was a long and busy day. Bed-y (as I sometimes call my bed, affectionately) is looking very good to me!

Hopefully I'll get time to read more blogs and comment to them tomorrow...

GOSH! Sorry this is so long!!! I was hoping to do a short (quick) entry...