January 29th, 2013


Felt Lousy Today -- But Did Get Some Work Done...

I just felt LOUSY most of the day, today. Constantly trying to catch my breath and I had back pain and stomach pain and low blood sugar (plus a headache part of the day, too). I don't know what the problem is, but I need to get in to see my doctor, I guess. (Well, my nurse...)

I'll see if Marilyn and I can set up an appointment tomorrow at the office. She wants to go with me, and that's never easy with her busy schedule. Plus Leslie (my nurse) is really busy with the clinic being down a doctor, so...

Sister Sue is feeling bad, too -- probably much worse than I am! She can't attend her exercise class right now (as I mentioned yesterday, too).

I guess I never mentioned the recent SPAM act we've been having at the festival website. In the last several days we've received more than 700 emails generated by our Volunteer page -- and only one was for real! The rest are bot-created, I'm sure. (sigh) Happily I think I found a solution for it today. I guess we'll see!

I'm off for a nap now. I hope I feel better tomorrow. At least I was able to eat a decent dinner tonight. (I also had yogurt for breakfast and a bowl of soup for lunch -- plus lots of hot tea today.) Right now keeping my blood sugar from going to low is a real issue. I've even had to skip taking meds. Interesting development, anyway!

Marilyn and I did watch part of yesterday's "Dallas" -- very exciting! Can't wait to see more!