January 25th, 2013


Busy, Busy Day at the Office!

I'll keep the IT part simple and short: I had a really busy day at the office, mostly involving IT -- and working with Donn. We added Steven's computer back to the network (server) -- it had to be sent to Texas (???!!!) to be fixed, and got back last week. That's a lot more work than it sounds like, believe me! Then we added one of the spare machines (Donn did this one) -- which isn't quite finished, yet. It's quite a process, frankly...

I went with Rich for coffee -- but wasn't feeling that great this morning. Happily it passed as I got busy. Marilyn and I went for lunch (Chinese), then I was busy right up until we finally got away at 6:00 (or slightly after). We got caught by trains THREE TIMES (!!!) on the way to the post office and then home. (yikes)

We took the long way (across the St. Johns bridge) and stopped briefly at Freddies to pick up a couple of things, getting home by around 7:00 p.m.

By that point I was having heat between my shoulder blades, trouble catching my breath, massive yawning and so on -- Marilyn immediately realized it was an MSG reaction after lunch, which often happens to both of us, though not quite this bad. She looked it up on her iPad online, and I joined in. The symptoms can be quite scary -- and there are a lot of them! We both know we should avoid MSG, but we love the food... (sigh)

She snacked on things in place of dinner and I didn't really feel like eating, I felt so yucky. But after eating some in the shell peanuts, I actually felt better. Now we're both BEAT and ready for naps! We love the Australian Open tennis, but I think it's hard with the all night thing (tennis is in the middle of the night). Seriously, I tried HARD to sit up and watch the entire match last night with Andy and Roger, but I just couldn't do it! Marilyn is far better about than I am -- she and sister Sue phone back and forth and really enjoy it (managing to snooze part of the time, I guess). I haven't slept well in days, so...

Oh! Marilyn ran FIVE MILES on the treadmill last night! Isn't that great??? Wow.

I've been reading some Father Brown stories on my Kindle (for those who don't know, Father Brown is a character created by novelist G. K. Chesterton). They're entertaining and I got a large collection for almost nothing on Amazon.

The extra iPod charger that I ordered and thought never came (!!!) was in my 'mail box' at the office. (I can't quite get Christine to understand that putting things there for me doesn't work...) I also got my test strips in the mail today...

That's my day in a nutshell -- and this post is still longer than I planned, even with me making all the IT stuff so short (!!!). Oh well -- I tried!

I'm so glad the weekend is in front of us!!! (woo hoo) Time for that much-needed nap now!