January 24th, 2013


Happy Birthday, Theresa!

Happy Birthday, Theresa!

I simply MUST post a birthday greeting here for my dear friend, Theresa myhope!!! (And both Marilyn and sister Sue join me in wishing you the very BEST!)

I hope you have a lovely day -- and that 2013 is your very BEST year ever.

I have a hunch it's going to be a SPECIAL, exciting and rewarding time in your life... (grin)

Happy Birthday, Theresa !

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Saw Friend and Neighbor June (and Her Husband, Jim) Today...

Spent time today investigating the current (SERIOUS) Java issues, and discussing them with Donn. We need to address this at the office right away. Anyway, I find the easiest method to simply uninstall Java -- so I took it off my computer at home today. By the way, I'd strongly advise YOU to do the same! (Let me know if you need help doing it -- I can direct you to clear-cut instructions that will help you. Of course, you can google it and find it, too, if you prefer...)

Yes, this will probably mostly be a boring IT-related entry! Sorry, guys. Hahahaha.

Donn and I also discussed equipment and our on-going IT projects and what we plan to do tomorrow. It was time consuming, but I think we're in a good place.

I also did a little bit of festival website stuff. And went through some more clothing, too. I'm getting closer to done with that project all the time (I hope!!!).

Also talked to Steven about one of the webpages -- I think we'll talk more about it tomorrow...

This afternoon I went over to see friend and neighbor June (and her husband, Jim). I stayed for several hours, so we had a nice long visit. I took her clothes and some other things I felt she could use (from all my cleaning). She told me she's preparing to sell her Barbie dolls -- in fact, her entire doll collection (which is quite large!). I think that's wonderful! The dolls will go to people who really want them, June will get her SPACE back, and she'll even get some $$$ on the way... (smile)

June is a lot like me about keeping things -- clothing and so on. Very sentimental about things, especially stuff that belonged to her deceased mother (the wonderful Dorothy). I totally understand! But I was very supportive and encouraging, because I know EXACTLY what she's going through...

Tonight I avoided beans for my dinner (I've had too many recently, and am sometimes sensitive to them), while Marilyn had leftover chili to eat. I had roast beef hash with Brussels sprouts and cottage cheese -- very good!

My bloodcount was high this morning and much of the day, dipping into the 80's in the evening. This is odd, as normally I'm higher later in the day. I'm probably off from this mouth eruption connected with needing yet another root canal. (sigh) Can't wait to get that done and see if my health will improve. Of course, it would be nice to get my hormones balanced, too. We'll see how it all goes. In the meantime, I need to continue to eat healthy, eat LESS and exercise more!

Work in the office tomorrow (this time for certain). Lots of IT, plus I do have other stuff I need to think about (if there's time). I'll probably try to have a meeting with Marilyn, if we can both get on the same page. She's often swamped, and even though right now she's pretty clear, you never know what will happen to her schedule day-of. (Or mine, for that matter!)

Just washed my hair, so I'm off to dry it... Goodnight, all!