January 22nd, 2013

winter branch

Winter Randomness... Tuesday...

Michelle Obama's gown for the Inaugural Ball??? Stunning! And I love the bangs!!! She's such a classy lady. Oh! And I also loved what Malia and Sasha wore to the event (their purple outfits). Very nice! What lovely girls they are.

Marilyn and I FORCED ourselves to go and get manicures after work tonight. (sigh) Always physically painful, but it's essential to have them done, even so. Mine were so grown out. I can't believe I've still been getting compliments with them so trashed. (smile) Not that they weren't pretty, mind you. But they needed doing. I had one nail so messed up it was catching on everything -- and I'd turned it a couple of (very painful) times. This time I'm back to a French manicure (with pearl tips) -- and glad to go there. I've been pretty 'fancy' for ages now. Hahahahaha. (Yes, you men probably find this very boring. You have no idea everything that goes into being female...)

Almost done reading Dr. King's book. What an incredible read. I've really enjoyed it!

On a sad note, our friend Shari phoned us yesterday to tell us she had to have her cat Noelle put down. Noelle was 18 years old -- Shari had her for 17 years. Apparently she had kidney failure, very common in older cats, I'm afraid. She took it very well -- she must have really prepared herself in advance. Noelle has been Shari's true companion for many years now, so I can only imagine how painful the loss is. She wants to get another cat (hopefully a kitten), but says she plans to wait for a bit. I'm sending good thoughts (and prayers) her way. I remember so many losses of my own beloved cats over the years.

This would be a great time to share the poem, "Your Special Angel"... But I think I'll wait and do it another time. Anyway, it's a great poem for people who lose an older cat -- and has been a comfort to me in the past.

I didn't go to the office today -- instead I worked at home. I did some festival website work, and then worked in my bedroom going through clothes for hours. Yes, yes -- I had way too many clothes. The weird thing? Most of those were REALLY OLD clothes. I have a bad tendency to keep clothes for sentimental reasons -- as keepsakes. It doesn't make much sense to keep clothing if you're not going to WEAR IT, now does it??? Hahahahaha. Well, I got a big bag ready for the Goodwill -- lots of the older stuff is still perfectly good stuff (no holes or whatever). And I have a bag for sister Sue that includes a brand new pair of jeans and some t-shirts she can wear for exercising. And a basket full of clothes for friend and neighbor June. Plus a few items for cousin Linda, too.

All of that and I STILL have more clothes to go through, believe it or not! Anyway, I did make a lot of progress today. I used to keep my large suitcase next to my bed, because I had nowhere else to put it. But now it fits in the bottom of my closet quite nicely! (woo hoo) My goal to clean up and organize the house remains in effect, anyway. This is one resolution I'm going to keep!

I changed the beds today, too. Not a big task, but always good to do! We got a new set of sheets for Marilyn's bed at the beach house, by the way -- really nice! Sort of a sea-green color -- and so very soft! (500 count threads.) We bought the set at Ross, which carries nice brands at good prices. It's a long story, but we'd taken the original set of sheets home to wash, and ended up with part of them still in Portland -- so we were sort of forced into buying new sheets -- and we're glad it worked out that way. (These are really nicer than the first set...)

I'm going to the office tomorrow, to get my IT tasks done that I didn't get to today. Hopefully we WON'T have freezing rain in the morning, although there's supposed to be a good chance of it. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate freezing rain??? (ugh)

We had a pot of chili for dinner -- very tasty! Such good food for a winter day...

Did I say it was really, really COLD today? It was! (brr)

Spoke to Rosanna today. Her dad is still having trouble with his shoulder -- and is also having difficulty eating again. Poor guy! I told her to tell him I had more cookies for him (he loves those tins of butter cookies). Good thoughts and prayers to both of them. This was her first day NOT working for the festival (now that she has a new job), and she said it felt strange...

Marilyn and I want to remain friends with her, even though she's moved on to a different job. She lives close by and also has a beach house. And she has many fandom loves we share. So I guess we'll see...

I may have made a new friend while having our manicures! She's at Facebook, so I told her to Friend me there. We had a nice time chatting during the work...

And that's it for today!