January 21st, 2013

flag (burst)

The Inauguration -- and Back to Portland...

I don't know how others feel, but I found the INAUGURATION of President Obama really moving today.

As I mentioned before, I'm reading Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Why We Can't Wait." I had Dr. King on my mind a lot today -- and it's impossible not to think how joyful he would be to see Barack Obama as our President...

Anyway, both Marilyn and I watched the Inauguration on TV as we prepared to head for home. We had a lovely time at the beach -- and our two days and nights seemed longer to us. We are so very happy when staying there!

The ride home was fine (both cats were quiet) -- but Marilyn found it long and was very tired by the time we got back to Portland... (She did take her walk this morning in Seaside, saying it was only a little slippery from the frozen fog.)

Henry is behind me in 'his' chair in the office while I type this. The last time I saw Colin he was in the brown tent in the living room, snoozing away. Marilyn is downstairs watching Australian Open tennis (and hopefully still napping part of the time).

I'm now headed for my Dr. King book (on Kindle) and a nap. It's back to work tomorrow!

I hope my American friends enjoyed the MLK holiday -- and the Inauguration (if you saw/heard it).

By the way, both Marilyn and I think it's WRONG for various places to stay open on MLK Day. Sure, some people must work no matter what day it is -- but other people not in essential jobs should absolutely have the day off. It's a matter of RESPECT for Dr. King. You'd think by now that it would be a given, but we know people who had to work who should have been off, and that bothers us.

I imagine Dr. King would simply shake his head and remind us that there's more work to do! How very true...